Mani Monday – Revlon Moon Candy

Thanks to a wee shopping spree last week I have 3 Mani Monday posts for you today. Too excited about these ones to keep them until next week. First up is a new product from Revlon: Moon Candy.

Revlon Moon Candy GalaticRevlon is not a brand I’ve really bought much in the past for nail products but I was intrigued by their new nail art products. They have three new products which are designed around the ‘double-ended’ concept. There is Neon: a bright neon polish accompanied by a white base coat  to make the colour pop; Expressionist: two cremes, one regular and the other a contrasting colour with a thin striping brush; and Moon Candy: a dark base with a multi-dimensional flaky glitter top coat.

baseBy the way, has Revlon’s nail polish formula always been this good? This is one coat, put on in a bit of a rush!

Galatic Revlon Moon CandyThis particular one is ‘Galactic’. I liked the look of the blue glitter and I wear navy quite often (in autumn that is). First of all, the bottle is really heavy. I thought that this would make applying the base coat tricky, but thanks to the fantastic formula it flowed really easily and you only need one coat. Bonus! Like all flaky top-coats, you get the best results by dabbing it on to distribute the large particles. It also needs a good thick top-coat like Seche Vite to smooth over the flakes or they will catch on stuff (i.e. fluffy jumpers). But wow, the greeny-blue colour shifting mix is intoxicating.

GalaticOoooh look!

I really like this but I can’t see me wearing it until September at least. I will try the  flakes over other colours but I see this as an autumn polish really. I also don’t believe that I will try the Neon range (I hear that Model’s Own is the go-to for neons) or the Expressionist range as I think the heavy double-ended bottle will be too cumbersome to work with. I hear that they also a Break-Up range with a crackle top-coat in the states but I am totally over crackle glazes.

What do you think of Revlon’s foray into nail art products?


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