Photo A Day – Week 15

Sometimes I wish Sundays would last forever. But I also can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying in so in less than a blink of an eye I’ll be sat here, on my bed with the cat writing up Week 16 of the photo challenge. Looking forward to it already.

Day 8: On your plate On your plateI wish anyway! Had this ages ago but didn’t think anyone would want to see my ready meal dinner!

Day 9: Tiny tinyWent on a tiny shopping spree in Superdrug and Boots!

Day 10: A place a placeMy favourite place!

Day 11: Detail detailWhisker freckles.

Day 12: In the middle in the middleDita’s nose is pink in the middle which is unusual for a fawn pug apparently.

Day 13: The view from your bed view from bedWell, from David’s bed.

Day 14: Water waterIn the form of raindrops, sigh.

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