Mani Monday – Barry M Nail Art Pens

Barry M Nail Art PenI saw a few preview posts on these last week so went out on the day they were released and luckily found all four! They are simply brilliant. You press the tip down on a hard surface a couple of time to get the ink flowing and away you go. No squeezing as you go required, its more like using a felt tip pen, so much easier than traditional nail art pens like the Model’s Own WAH pen which until now has been my go to. You do need to go over the lines twice to achieve the true colour though. A top-coat is also required as these aren’t proper nail polish so will smudge off when you do the dishes.Β  Heres what I did:

Barry M nail art pen aztecI’ve never been able to get the hang of Aztec print and while this isn’t perfect, its much better and I’m pretty happy for a first attempt with these pens. One thing I did note on my pinky finger was that when I accidentally held the pen at an angle I got a thick line. I thought I’d keep that mistake in to show that you can get different line thicknesses.

The base colour is Topshop ‘AWOL’ .

I think these are a great buy at Β£4.99 a pop. I look forward to sharing more designs using these with you.


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