Favourite Film & TV 2015

I love a top 10 at this time of year. Unfortunately my memory sucks so you’re getting a top 8. Also, disclaimer time; I have not been to the cinema nearly enough this year and I’m always very late to watch TV stuff so I’m sure I am missing a TONNE of great stuff. Please take pity on me and leave me your recommendations from the year to check out.


Inside Out

One of Pixar’s most imaginative films takes place inside the mind of a child with her emotions becoming the main characters. It’s perfectly cast, beautiful and a joy to watch (even though it is also incredibly heartbreaking at times). Not only the best animated film of the year, but one of the best films of the year.

It FollowsIt Follows

Best described as a sexually transmitted demon, It Follows is an instant cult horror hit. It’s quietly terrifying and never goes for the cheap thrill while he soundtrack heightens the atmosphere much like an early Carpenter film. The premise sounds slightly silly to begin with, but it works so, so well.


Like most Apatow films these days, Trainwreck is about 30 minutes too long, but this is forgiveable as it is very funny. It’s the film that has put Amy Schumer in the spotlight his year and rightly so, girl has spot on comic timing. A needlessly long runtime is one of my pet peeves but the dance routine at the very end more than makes up for it. Great turn by wrestler John Cena too.

Jurassic World Jurassic World

Probably the best dinosaur movie of 2015 (honourable mention goes to The Good Dinosaur for it’s sheer beauty), I love it for the influx of dino merch it has inspired apart from anything else! Still, a good blockbuster that lived up to the anticipation preceding it.

Star-WarsStar Wars: The Force Awakens

Talking of living up to it’s hype, I’m betting that the new Star Wars film will be a late entry to everyone’s best of list. It’s a massively successful return to form for the franchise and an exciting start to the upcoming six (yes, six) new additions to the space opera.


GOT S5Game of Thrones Season 5

Yeah, my fave every year. I feel like season 5 got off to a fairly slow start (the books also stutter around this time), but when it stepped it up, it did so in a big way. I liked the changes in the narrative in this series (I compare the books and the show in this post if you’re interested) and I’m really excited for season 6 to start in April. I don’t want to spoil anything but NOOO, Davos, don’t goooo!


I loved this BBC series all about sharks, appropriately titled Shark.  Sharks are largely feared and definitely misunderstood but they are vital to the survival of the oceans so they should be respected and protected. I’d love to see more sharky stuff on TV like this and not Jaws (as much as I love that film).

The HuntThe Hunt

Another year, another incredible BBC and David Attenborough natural world series that knocks everyone else out of the park. This year it focused on the measures that carnivores have to go through to survive. As usual the filming was breathtaking, the techniques innovative and it was packed with never seen before footage and behaviours. Love, love, LOVE.

What wonderful things have you watched this year?

One thought on “Favourite Film & TV 2015

  1. Bethan ❄️ (@BethanLikes) says:

    Great list, Inside Out is definitely my favourite film from the year! xx

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