Bumble & Bumble Seaweed Shampoo and Conditioner

Bumble and Bumble Seaweed mild Marine Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Sorry to sound over-dramatic but recently my hair has been going through a bit of turmoil. I think it’s down to various stresses over the past few months, but the upshot is where once I could leave my hair to its own devices for a few days, I now need to wash it daily – not great. So in order to minimise the damage daily washing can do I’ve been reaching for a gentler option in the form of Bumble and Bumble’s Seaweed Mild Marine Shampoo and Conditioner*.

The Seaweed range is designed to be a daily use product so it cleanses and moisturises without overloading the hair. Ingredients include kelp to nourish and sea silk to add shine. The scent is very nice – if I was being pretentious (and I am) I’d describe it as a hint of lime on a sea breeze – and it leaves a subtle fragrance in the hair. Overall, I’ve been enjoying using it and it leaves my hair soft and manageable.

One thing that takes a bit of getting used to is the consistency of the conditioner. As it’s lightweight, it’s pretty thin and I keep squeezing too much out. This isn’t really a problem as my dyed ends are pretty thirsty and drinks it all up but as it’s quite a pricey product it’s worth being careful about and a little goes a long way.

So I don’t have swishy mermaid hair just yet, but B&B’s Seaweed range is definitely helping me on the way to fixing some major hair woes. As promised, this is a great option for daily washing without stressing those tresses and I definitely would recommend it if you are looking for this type of product.

The Seaweed Shampoo is £17.50 while the Conditioner retails at £18.50 and is available at larger Boots as well as online. Look Fantastic currently has a special off on where you can receive a free Straight Blow Dry (review here) when you buy two products.

New From Barry M | Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

Barry M are gearing up for a pastel spring with their new Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints. The collection offers nine soft shades with a fast drying formula and a new, wide brush. They are priced at £3.99 each and currently available in Superdug at two for £7.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

Left to right: “Pole Position” (mint green); “In a Heart Beat” (coral pink); “Road Rage” (pale blue/green); “Full Throttle” (creamy orange).

The names and lids are obviously inspired by racing  and make a nice point of difference to their other collections. As well as the colours above there is a pale pink, a lilac, a greige, pale yellow, and a sky blue so they have created a capsule collection with all the colours you’ll need for spring.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail PaintBarry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

These apply best with several thin coats. The green and the blue definitely need three to even out streaks but the stronger hued coral was fine with just two. And thankfully, they do live up to their quick-drying promise. I found them to be touch dry within minutes and fully dry within 15. Again, this was with thin layers that dried between coats.

The new flat brush is a great addition too. It’s wider but not too wide (I have tiny pinky nails!) with a curved tip so allows for a neat, even application.

Overall, I’d say this collection is a winner. Good formula, great colours. I hope that they will continue to add to the collection seasonally as they have with the Gelly range, and introduce the new shape of brush throughout.

What do you think of these new colours? Are they making you feel like Spring has sprung?

Makeup Revolution Collection & Wishlist

Makeup Revolution Collection

If there’s one brand who’s taken an early lead for the title of 2015’s Makeup Brand of the Year, it’s definitely Makeup Revolution. They’ve been knocking it out of the park with new release upon new release this year and have really raised the bar for budget-friendly beauty. I basically want everything. So today I thought I’d show you my existing collection and my top items that will be in my shopping cart next time.

Makeup Revolution Collection Makeup Revolution Collection

Top: Girls on Film Salvation Eyeshadow Palette (£6). Bottom: What You Waiting For? Salvation Eyeshadow Palette (£6). The Salvation palettes have 12 shimmers and 6 complementary matte shades. They come with a sponge application (crap) and a huge mirror in the lid (amazing).

Makeup Revolution Collection Makeup Revolution Collection

Top: I Love Makeup Blushing Heart Candy Queen of Hearts (£4.99). Bottom: Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Hot Spice (£6). The Blushing Hearts are an obvious dupe for the 3-times-the-price Too Faced blushes. The palette blushes are great, so pigmented but blendable and buildable. There are 3 matte, 3 with a tiny hint of shimmer and two highlight shades.

Makeup Revolution Collection Makeup Revolution Collection

Top: Peach Lights Highlighter (£3). Bottom: Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Golden Sugar (£6). So the less said about the pattern on the highlighter, the better probably. Once you get past the giggles, it;s a really lovely pinky shimmer which has amazing payoff. I chucked my beloved MUA Undress Your Skin highlight powder once I got this, it’s the same colour but only needs one swipe. The Golden Sugar palette is more of a blush/highlight in one with a couple of bronzer chucked in for good measure. I probably won’t use the lightest shades or the darkest two but they sure look pretty!

Makeup Revolution CollectionMakeup Revolution Collection

Top: Highlighter Palette Radiance (£8). Bottom: Pro Hygiene Anti-Bacterial Brush Cleaner (£5). The Radiance Palette is MUR’s answer to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette. I haven’t tried the Hourglass offering, but I love this one and especially the soft glow that Breathe, the first on the left gives. Lastly, this brush spot-cleaning spray is a god-send for quick wash days. Smells great too.


Makeup Revolution Collection Makeup Revolution Collection Makeup Revolution Collection Makeup Revolution Collection

Top to Bottom: Iconic Pro 1 Palette (£6.99); Iconic Pro 2 Palette (£6.99); Lip Lava Tremor (£2.99); I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts Peachy Pink Kiss (£4.99).

What’s on your Makeup Revolution wishlist? What else should I be getting?

Face Mask Fandom | Origins Vs Superdrug

Origins Face Masks

Today I have not one, not two, but four face mask favourites to share with you. Excessive? Maybe, but it makes sense so bear with it.

Firstly, the Origins wonder-pairing of the Clear Improvement charcoal mask and the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask. I have dehydrated skin, but it’s still prone to the occasional hormonal blemish. This is where the charcoal mask comes in, providing a vacuum-like clear up of pores and improving the look of blemishes. By it’s nature, it’s a drying mask so I always team it with the Drink Up mask. I leave this on overnight (it smells of mango and apricot as well – amazing) and I wake up with soft, clear, hydrated skin. Winner!

Superdrug Face Masks

However, as much as I love the Origins range, they cost £23 each, ouch! So for less indulgent days I go for the own brand range from Superdrug. The De-Stressing Face Mask is an aloe vera mud mask which also gives pores a deep down clean. The aloe vera also treats any existing blemishes and diminishes redness. Again, I like to follow this up with a moisturising mask and the Hydrating Face Mask is perfect for this. The key ingredient is Vitamin E which my skin loves. You can either use this a traditional mask which you remove after 20 minutes or as an overnight treatment. I prefer the latter, but that’s possibly due to laziness! The best bit? These are £2.59 each, and honestly, they are just as good as pricier brands.

I really recommend you check out the Superdrug own range for dupes or alternatives to your favourite skincare products as they have a fantastic range. Plus it’s all cruelty-free. I love it.


Lucky Dip Club | Valley of the Unicorns

Lucky Dip Club | Valley of the Unicorns

Hey! So you know the deal with Lucky Dip Club by now right? A monthly subscription service delivering cute paper goods, DIY kits, jewellery and personalised items through your letterbox to put a huge smile on your face. The February box launched at 7am on Sunday 1st and sold out within an hour. Wowzers! So think of this post as your super advance warning for March. Set your alarms now if you want to join the club.

Anyway, the January box was themed “Valley of the Unicorns” with the slogan “Dream Big” (great advice from the creator Leona who has certainly been successful in pursuing her dreams). It was packed with pastel-unicorn-magical-goodness.

Lucky Dip Club | Valley of the Unicorns Lucky Dip Club | Valley of the Unicorns Lucky Dip Club | Valley of the Unicorns Lucky Dip Club | Valley of the Unicorns

A new feature for 2015 is a monthly collaboration with a maker – this month was I Love Crafty who made us a super cute pink iridescent unicorn brooch. I love this new development as I’m sure I’ll be introduced to lots of great new indie makers throughout the year and possibly gain a few new favourites.

Lucky Dip Club never fails to make me smile, and it’s certainly upping my stationery collection – deffo a good thing! Roll on next month :)

Book Review | Only Ever Yours

Only Ever Yours Louise O'Neill ReviewOnly Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill

Choose a girl… to own forever.

In Only Ever Yours, Louise O’Neill creates a future where women are valueless. Baby girls are so unwanted that the body rejects female foetuses, and instead, girls are created in labs. New batches of baby ‘Eves’ are created each year, churned out, named after famous beauties (Cara, Naomi, Agyness) and carted into ‘school’ to learn all they must know. And what they must know is not a lot. How to choose an outfit, how to pose for a flattering picture, how to refuse fat-people food, how to suppress your emotions, how to be placid; these are the lessons taught to the girls. Their purpose is simply to please men.

Everything is building up towards their 16th year when they will finally learn their destiny. In O’Neill’s future, one of three futures lies in wait for the girls: to become a Companion, a coveted role in which you get to become a trophy wife, birthing sons until you hit the ripe age of 40, at which point you will be terminated lest wrinkles start to appear; a Concubine, which is exactly how it sounds; or a Chastity, the unfortunate group of women who are deemed to be undesirable to men so must spend their lives teaching the next generations of Eves to do better. The girls future is in the hands of 16-year-old boys who will judge them and decide their fate in a matter of weeks.

We follow one Eve, Freida as she struggles to cope with the pressure of this. Her best friend, Isobel has always been the highest ranking Eve, until suddenly she withdraws, loses interest in competing with the other Eves and leaves Freida rudderless. Without the support of Isobel she feels unable to cope with the frightening  level of expectation and begins to lose her grip on her sanity.

In short, I loved this book. I would liken it to a cross between Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale  for Millennials. Alongside an engaging storyline, Only Ever Yours provides a cutting look at young women’s places in our current society by intensifying current norms. For example, the Eves are accepting of a reality TV show star beating his companion because she obviously stepped out of line, and besides, he’s hot (Chris Brown fans anyone?). The thought of being made to take a photo for their social media without a full face of make up induces panic and down-voting from the anonymous boys judging them. And the word “feminist” is literally the worst thing you can call someone.

I would really recommend this book to anyone. As it’s YA it’s easily digestible (even if some of the ideas explored in the book are very unpalatable) and is a good introduction to feminist dystopian novels.

Lush Valentine’s Day 2015 Collection

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

I love a seasonal Lush collection. In fact it’s mostly what I buy – every year I go a bit crazy for Halloween and Christmas, then inevitably I’m still in the bath mood when the Valentine and Easter collections come along, then my obsession tails off until the following Halloween. So today I have some pieces from the Valentine’s Day collection and my opinion on then.

For a start, how cute does the collection look? Very Valentine’s Day appropriate. I bought most of the items apart from the Love Locket bath bomb (couldn’t bring myself to spend £6.95 on one bath bomb), the Cupid’s Love soap because I never use it and the two lip products.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015 Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

First up is the Floating Flower bath bomb (£3.50). It is pretty fancy as it’s fizzing as it lasts a long time and has a few different colours hidden away, until it ultimately leaves your bath a soft pink colour. However, the scent is pure jasmine and it is so strong! I actually found it really overwhelming and not enjoyable at all and had to get out of the bath pretty quick! If you love jasmine, you’ll like this, but I’d recommend smelling it before you buy it as it’s not an “on-the-fence” scent.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

The Heart Throb bubble bar (£3.65) is based on their bubbleron range where it’s meant to look like a macaron and you twist it in half to use in two baths. The Valentine one is shaped like a heart (or actually a bit like a bum!) and has gold glitter in the middle. Again, the scent is floral but it’s softened slightly by the inclusion of vanilla. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it like I did the Floating Flower. It turns the bath a romantic red colour and actually adds moisturising properties to the water with shea butter so does some good.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

The Lonely Heart (£3.50) is another bubble bar which features gold glitter in red water, but this one smells great. It stands out from the rest of the collection as it has a predominately citrus smell with lemongrass and bergamot.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Next is probably Lush’s most successful recent launch – the Unicorn Horn bubble bar (£3.25). Firstly, yes, it looks amazing – a pastel swirl studded with stars and dusted with an iridescent shimmer, and y’know unicorn’s are all the rage at the moment, so well done Lush. I am a bit surprised though because I thought that lavender was a bit of a marmite fragrance? The Unicorn Horn smells simply of strong, fresh lavender. Personally, I like lavender (we have it growing in our garden at home) but I know a lot of my friends can’t abide it. I stand corrected though! In the water, the pastel colours don’t really last but you get a good amount of bubbles to pretend you have floated away on a cloud to a magical unicorn land. If you want.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Lastly, I picked up a small bottle of the Prince Charming shower gel (£4.75). Lush shower gel is expensive but I like it as a treat as the scent really lasts on the skin. This one smells of pomegranate juice so is very fresh and fruity.

Did you pick up any of the Valentine’s Day collection? What do you like the look of?