2015 Best Bits

In a continuing bid to be a more positive person I have decided to share a list of my 15 best/most favourite things from 2015. This was a tough year for me so most of the things on this list are quite small (with a few exceptions) but they are all things that have made life that little bit more bearable.


  • David & Tilly being best pals: The two I’ve spent all my time with this year. David was never a cat person before Tilly came along, it’s  too cute.
  • Books: My other best pal this year has been my TBR pile/Waterstones/Amazon.
  • Film events at work: Without going into specifics I’ve been lucky to work on some cool side projects at work and I’m hoping this can continue.

Recent Cross Stitches | Geeky Little Stitcher Club

  • Cross Stitching: I’ve got really into this this year thanks to the Geeky Little Stitcher Club.
  • My friends Laura & Dave getting engaged: My fave couple are getting married! So excited for the wedding in 2016 and I get to be a bridesmaid for the first time. AND plan a hen!
  • Makeup Revolution: My favourite makeup brand for 2015. I’ve been enjoying playing with their amazing eyeshadow palettes this year.


  • I lost 2.5 stone: This is a cheat as I’ve gained back loads but this diet really worked for me and I’m determined to get back on it in 2016 to get to my target for summer.
  • Fall Out Boy: I’ve been loving their last two albums (Save Rock & Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho) on my walks to and from the train station.
  • Blogging: I lost my blogging mojo in the summer but I took a break and now I’m enjoying it again. I want to get back to it properly and start joining in chats again as they always made me smile.


  • Inside Out: This film made me so happy and so sad! I just love it and Sadness especially.
  • Collecting fun jewellery: I’m really into acrylic jewellery at the moment and it’s great to support small businesses (that’s my excuse for shopping) so I’ve been enjoying treating myself.
  • Candles and wax melts: Another thing I’ve been enjoying is homeware and specifically home fragrance as a way to update your home with the seasons. My subscription to The Melt Crowd has been a big influence on this!


  • Trips home: I’ve had four this year – my birthday, summer (when Lisa was over from Canada and Jess over from Oz – the best week), a long weekend to spend crafting wedding stuff with Laura, and Christmas. All of them have been like therapy.
  • YouTube: I’ve been watching so much this year. My favourites have been Miss Budget Beauty/Diary of a Spendaholic, Lily Melrose (esp the vlogs) and Tilly Cutler.
  • Finding a house: lastly, a biggie: we’re buying a house. It’s not complete yet so I don’t want to jinx myself but watch this space for an update soon (hopefully!)…

What have been your highlights from 2015?


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