November Film & TV Wrap Up

Well, this past month has been appalling for watching stuff. I don’t know what I’ve been doing, but it’s not been watching films that’s for sure. Here’s the handful of TV stuff I’ve been enjoying though:

Scream TV Series

Scream: The TV Series

OK, so maybe ‘enjoyed’ isn’t the right word for this one, but I have finished watching the first series of Scream (I’m assuming that there will be a second series). There are good things about it – it’s true to the Scream sense of humour for one with self-aware, pop culture peppered quips. However, it suffers with some bad acting and central characters that are kind of boring. It’s definitely not one to raise your expectations for.

Still Game

Still Game

Faring better on Netflix, is Still Game. This is one of my favourite shows ever so I was happy to see it being added to Netflix, it’s quite niche to Scotland but I’m sure it’ll appeal to a wider audience if they give it a chance. I can’t see how anyone doesn’t find it funny to be honest. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s about two pensioners in the Glaswegian town of Craiglang. Just watch it though.

Siddiquis Gogglebox


I’m really loving Gogglebox this series. It’s such a great concept and I think they have a really great mix of characters this year. The Siddiquis are probably my favourite family, although I do feel sorry for Umar who seems to have the most uncomfortable seat on the whole show in the middle of that corner sofa! This is why I haven’t been watching very much, I just like getting the gist from Gogglebox!

Polar bear

The Hunt

The latest David Attenborough series from the BBC is all about hunters and their quest for food from the jungle to the poles and it is incredible. I’ve seen on Twitter when the show has been featured on Gogglebox people complaining that they don’t want to see animals getting killed and I honestly don’t understand it at all. Would they rather see animals starving to death? Carnivores got to eat too, people! I always root for the hunter #sorrynotsorry! Seriously though, this show is full of remarkable footage and never before seen behaviours or both the hunter and the hunted so I’ve learnt loads from it. Favourite programme of the year!

What have you all been watching recently? I obviously need some recommendations so leave them below!


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