Seasonal Living | Winter

Seasonal Living | Winter

Seasonal Living | Winter

Seasonal Living | Winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Following on from my previous post on seasonal living for Autumn I thought I’d share a quick note on how that went and also what I’m looking forward to about Winter.

Firstly, Autumn is always quite difficult I think with the days getting shorter and the light disappearing. However, I did appreciate some stuff about it this year. I really enjoyed the Guy Fawkes Night display we went to at Cheltenham Racecourse. I read some great, seasonally appropriate books (lots of horror for Halloween). And I’ve really enjoyed cosy evenings at home with candles burning and lots of food.

Seasonal Living | Winter

Seasonal Living | Winter

So the number one thing I am looking forward to for this winter (and every winter) is Christmas! I am a big Christmas person, I already have the majority of gifts bought, decorations are up and the festive jumpers are out. The risk with this is the inevitable crash after Christmas mood-wise if that’s all you’re looking forward to, so I have included lots of post-Christmas things to focus on to avoid this:

  • Two weeks off work! My first full fortnight off since August 2014
  • Christmas songs on the radio
  • Seeing friends and family and having about 5 separate Christmas celebrations
  • Snow? It’s snowing at home in Edinburgh so hopefully it moves south soon!
  • January sales
  • Award season films
  • New Year resolutions – hitting the diet with a vengeance…in January
  • Moving house
  • Valentine’s Day (including February in the winter season)
  • Winter fashions – all the scarves and boots please.

What are you looking forward to over the next couple of months?


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