November Wishlist

November Wishlist | Warm & Cosy

November Wishlist

When I planned this wishlist it was during the cold snap we had the other week there. It was freezing! So the only thing I could think about was being cosy. This weekend has actually been rather pleasant, 17C here in Gloucester! However, I’m not betting on those types of temperatures lasting so I’m all about the warm and fuzzy stuff at the moment. Here;s what’s topping my wishlist this month:

Top row, left to right:
Moon Winterberry Checked Throw from M&S (on sale £63.50) Is there a pattern that says “autumn” more than tartan? My living room is mostly monochrome with grey and blue accents but my Xmas decorations have red in them so this red mix throw will be the perfect transitional piece.
Flap Cross Body Bag from Mango (£34.99) This bag is everything! The saddle shape, the wine colour, the pompom accessory. It is nailing all of the main bag trends for autumn. I need it. It’s also available in black. I need that one too.
Grey Suede Zip Side Ankle Boots from River Island (£45) I’m having a real moment with all kinds of boots. I love the slightly Western style these ones have.
ASOS Brushed Pretty Checked Scarf (£20) More tartan! There are so many options at the moment if you’re looking for a checked scarf but I really like this one. The purple is a bit of a more unusual colour for tartan and it looks so soft.

Bottom row, left to right:
V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd (£11.59) Top of my November TBR pile is V for Vendetta. I’ve read a couple of Moore’s graphic novels (and of course I’ve seen the film) so I’m excited to get into this.
Library of Fragrance perfumes in Fireplace and Marshmallow (£15 each) My absolute favourite candle for the season (and actually all the time) is Fireside Treats by Yankee Candle, so I’m hoping I can recreate this toasted marshmallow-bonfire type scent by layering up smoky Fireplace and sweet Marshmallow.
Wolf in Dark Knight colourway by Sstutter (£100) This necklace is amazing! The attention to detail on all of Sstutter’s pieces is incredible. There’s something about the Wolf that just reminds me of dark winter nights. Also, it reminds me of Games of Thrones so I’m doubly happy. This one would be Grey Wind of course, and it’s also available in white who would be Ghost and black for Shaggy Dog.
Thorntons Classics Fairground Collection (£12) Possibly a weird one to include, but every cosy night in needs some chocolate right? This new selection from Thorntons includes new Candyfloss, Toffee Apple Caramel and Toasted Marshmallow chocs so very fun and very seasonal. There’s something so much more indulgent in a proper box of chocolates too.

What’s on your wishlist for this month?

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