Big Pop Club March Box

Big Pop Club | March Box

Big Pop Club March Box

Big Pop Club is the newest subscription box on the scene from illustrator Ella Masters. I managed to get my hands on the very first one so I thought I would share the contents with you lovely readers.

Promising illustrated goods in Ella’s unique style, Big Pop Club is a monthly dose of tats, beards and old school joy. It includes a monthly illustrated calendar and other items such as tote bags, tea towels, patches and stationery.  Subscriptions open on the 1st of each month and are posted out (in letter box friendly boxes) before the end of the same month. This one was £20 plus £3.50 postages, although now you choose from three sizes – £25.50 for large, £19.50 for medium and £15.50 for a mini box. I’m not sure what this means for contents in terms of how much exactly you get in each box – I’m guessing that the one I have would be classed as “medium” but I could be wrong on this.

Big Pop Club March Box Big Pop Club March Box Big Pop Club March Box Big Pop Club March Box

The March box was circus themed and included a fortune-teller tote bag, a notebook illustrated with a sweet circus elephant, some temporary tattoos, a colouring sheets and felt tip pens and a ‘Big Pop’ poster/calendar. There was also a couple of pompoms in the box which Tilly promptly ran off with!

I think it’s a really great selection, I love the bag and the notebooks are always handy to have. I also really like the poster, just need to find somewhere to hang it now.

The April box is themed “Cats with Tats” which sounds ridiculously fun. Subscriptions are now open.

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