Christmas Gift Guide | Secret Santa/Stocking Fillers

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 Secret Santa and Stocking Fillers

Top row, left to right: ASOS Dinosaur Ankle Socks (£3); Comic Photo Frame (£4.99); POPCULT Pencils Elf Pencil Set (£3.50); Jammy Dodger Biscuit Tin (£4).

All of these gifts are £5 or under as I find that’s often the budget for office Secret Santas, plus a £20 stocking filler, isn’t really a ‘filler’ is it?

Socks. The classic old person Christmas gift. Luckily ASOS has some fun designs that people might actually want. I’m partial to dinosaurs, but there’s also Christmassy ones, My Little Pony, Kangaroos… lots of choice! This little multi photo frame comes with speech bubble stickers and a pen so that you can caption your photographic adventures, comic book stylee. I’ve spoken before about my love for POPCULT before and they have a few festive options to choose from. My favourite is the Elf set, SON OF A NUTCRACKER! This little biscuit tin is a cute option for the office sweet tooth. Everyone loves a jammy dodger.

Bottom row, left to right: Paperchase Birds on Wire A5 Lined Notebook (£4.50); Lip Shit Lip Balm (£4.99 each); Glencairn Whisky Glass (£4.95); Asda Christmas Gift Dog Costume (£4).

A nice notebook is a safe option but usually warmly welcomed. Paperchase have some nice ones for less than £5. I think the packaging of this ‘lip shit’ makes it fairly unisex and everyone needs a decent lip balm to see them through the winter. It has some interesting flavour options too, coconut and basil, anyone? For whisky drinkers, you’re not going to get them a decent bevvy for a fiver but you can get the best drinking receptacle for their chosen nectar. The shape of this glass is specifically designed to make the most of whisky and will go down well with any whisky lovers. Finally, I am in no way suggesting you get anyone a dog for Christmas, but you can get them a doggy costume for their existing canine pal. I know a few people who would love to receive a present for their pet, so think outside the box if you’re stuck for what to get someone. If you do go for a custom, maybe get the pet a wee treat to nibble on while their owner is squealing over them.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my favourite shops on Etsy, see you then!


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