Christmas Gift Guide | For Kids

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids 2014

Top row, left to right: WWF Adelie Penguin Adoption Pack (from £3 per month); LEGO The Bat vs. Bane Tumbler Chase Set (£39.99), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Combat Gear Leonardo and Michelangelo (£14.99 each); H&M Christmas Jumpers for girls and boys (£9.99).

The big Christmas story this year is Monty the Penguin from John Lewis. However, I really don’t agree with paying £95 for a stuffed toy when that amount of money will help real Adelies in the Antarctic with WWF for more than two and a half years and get you a stuffed toy. An adoption set is great gift for kids (and adults) of all ages as they’ll know that they’re helping their favourite critter in the wild as well as getting something for themselves. I’m sure this next gift with induce envy into dads across the country. LEGO do amazing sets for all ages with tons to chooses from. From Disney Princess to Star Wars. I love the Batman sets and particularly this one as it includes two vehicles to build, Batman,Bane and Commissioner Gordon. TMNT is back so let your little mutants re-enact their favourite fights with these neat little dress up kits. Who is your favourite Turtle? Mine is Raphael but his sais look slightly too aggressive for the sake of this blog… If you don’t want to go down the toy route, why not treat the wee ons to a festive jumper. H&M do really cute ones for ages 1 – 10 in a variety of designs at a reasonable price.

Bottom row, left to right: Disney Frozen Musical Magic Anna and Elsa Doll Set (£69.99); Zoomer Dino (£100); The Pointless Book by Alfie Deyes (£8.99); Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (£12.99); NERF N-Strike Elite Roughcut (£19.99).

Frozen is still riding high on a wave of popularity and there are tons of Frozen gifts to choose from. I chose this one as it has both sisters and Olaf but there are cheaper options out there. The Zoomer Dino is like a Tamigotchi on steroids. It learns commands as it’s owner spends time ‘bonding’ with it. It’s also available as a dog for kids that aren’t allowed real pets. The dinosaur is cooler though. Next up we have books from two of the most popular kids on YouTube, perfect for teens that seem to spend all their time online. Lastly, apologies in advance to any parents whose kids end up with this, but if you have siblings to buy for, get them a NERF gun each, they’ll love you for it.


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