Christmas Gift Guide | Etsy Favourites

For my last gift Guide of the season I thought I would share some of my favourite Etsy sellers. Etsy is an Ali’s Cave of independent sellers and designers but it can be a bit tricky to know where to start. My best advice is to search by shop location and select your hometown to discover loads of local talent. You’ll be surprised at what’s out there.

Today, my sellers are from all over the world, hope you discover someone new.

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 Etsy Favourites

Top row, left to right: Runaway Fox Crow Skull Colour Splash Necklace (£27.60 each); Avonnie Studio You’re So Lucky to Have Me Mug (£14.44); DesignosaurYEAH ROARballs (£6.23); OHNO Rachio Totes Cotton Tote Bag (£10)

Hailing from Edinburgh are these replica crow skulls. They’re handpainted and really pretty and perfect for someone who loves a statement necklace. Can’t get mush more statement-like than wearable (faux) taxidermy. For that person who is always asking you to put the kettle on, remind them everyday of how awesome you are with this cheeky mug from Avonnie Studios. You can even choose if you want a left handed mug. All I want for Christmas is a T-Rex Santa on a sleigh being pulled by Triceratops… luckily Designosaur share my love of the tyrant lizard king and also want to see him Christmasified. They also do the best acrylic and wooden jewellery for all you dino fans. You doesn’t love a pun? Now that Scotland has brought in the 5p carrier bag charge, your giftee will thank you for a tote bag and this one is bound to raise a chuckle too.

Bottom row, left to right: HelloHarriet Bunny Nail Transfers (£8); Oh Gosh Cindy Mrs Doubtfire Watercolour Print (£9); Pelham Cases Deer iPhone 5C Case (£15.74); SaddleShoeSigns Vintage Inspired Marquee Sign (£98.44).

HelloHarriet is the cutest shop filled with hand drawn illustrations of kitties, bunnies and dogs. They do a range of goods including tattoos but my favourite is the dainty little nail transfers. I love everything in Oh Gosh Cindy’s store but I think the Mrs Doubtfire print is probably the funniest. Love that film! Pelham Cases do a wide range of on trend phone cases from pineapples, to tribal to geometric, they have something for everyone. Lastly, a major wishlist item for me. I want to fill my house with vintage style marquee lights. I’ll have an A, and an anchor, and an arrow, and a star…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my series of gift guides and maybe found a few ideas for people you plan to buy for, or for yourself. Please link me your favourite Etsy shops in the comments, always looking for more!



5 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide | Etsy Favourites”

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  2. Haha, that coffee cup is too funny. You’re so lucky to have me… yep, I need to give that to my husband 😛


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