Christmas Gift Guide | For Him

Christmas Gift Guide For Him 2014 2

Left to right: Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter (£14.99); BOSS Bottled (from £39.99); Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist by Tim Federle (£9.99); Zatchels Damson Leather Satchel (from £140).

For the fitness fan who like to treat himself, this bike pizza cutter is a really fun and practical gift. Pictured above is the bumblebee colourway but it’s also available in watermelon – mint and pink. Aftershave is a go to gift for most people but it can be tricky to know what people like. I think BOSS Bottled is a fairly classic fragrance which is suitable for all ages as it combines fruit, spice and musk to create s masculine scent. If in doubt, go for what you want your man to smell like and this, I like. Cocktail books can often focus on the fruity, pink umbrella style drink, especially for their cover image so I love this literature inspired option. Feel like Gatsby as you sip your way through some unique recipes, read commentary about the books that inspired them and maybe get carried away with a drinking game or too. It’s also fun of punderful names – I’ll have an Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margarita. Man bag time! What could be a better option than a classic satchel handmade in the UK. This damson satchel from Zatchels offers a subtle hint of colour while still keeping things relaxed and masculine with it’s worn in look.

Christmas Gift Guide For Him 2014 1


Left to right: Men Rock Double Edged Razor Starter Pack (£43.50); Moleskine Star Wars 12 Months Weekly Notebook Planner (£15.99); Ted Baker Round Dial Watch (£215); Smartphone Projector (£19.99).

I know it’s trendy to be beardy right now, but if you want to smooth things out (and not follow the crowd) this Double Edged Razor kit is a fantastic gift. It’s old fashioned enough to please the hipsters and it works great for a close shave. Good stationery gifts shouldn’t be restricted for the ladies and Moleskine are my go to brand when I’m buying for a gentleman. I like the Star Wars series, but there are plenty of other options if that’s not to your guy’s taste. If it is, go for Boba Fett, everyone loves Boba Fett. For a luxury item, you can’t go far wrong with a quality watch. If you’re not quite stretching to Tag Heuer prices, I really like this one from Ted Baker. The croc effect leather and stainless steel combo is timeless (see what I did there?!) and will suit a wide range of personal styles. Lastly, we’re ending on a gadget. The smartphone projector is a bit of fun, I’m sure the picture quality is atrocious but at least you’ll be able to watch YouTube videos without the boring task of holding your phone up. Seriously though, this is a neat gift for gadget lovers and I’m sure it’ll be enjoyed.

Tomorrow we’re shopping for the kids. I’ve got a wide range of ages covered, and since I’m not Tesco, I’ll leave it up to you whether the superhero stuff is for your little lady or little laddie. See you then, Santas!

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