Nerd Block | October 2014

Nerd Block October 2014

Top tip: If you want to buy a subscription box for a one-off treat, remember to unsubscribe before they charge you for the following month! Yep, forgetting that handy factoid is the sole reason I have a Nerd Block to share with you today. Look out for a Glossybox where the very same thing has happened soon. Luckily, the October Nerd Block is awesome! The best one I’ve seen by a mile. It was clearly fate, not forgetfulness. Nerd Block comes in at around Β£20 for shipping to the UK and as it always includes a t-shirt I do think this is a pretty good deal.

The October box was curated by none other than Kevin Smith. Both me and the bf had no idea so this was a pleasant and welcome surprise when we unboxed it (over Skype, the joys of long-distance). The theme this month is ‘Collide’ and I think it’s covered well. Lets take a look.

Nerd Block October 2014

First up, a Zelda Dangler thingymajig. Probably won’t use this but at least it’s Link and not some obscure character which you often get in these mystery grab bags.

Nerd Block October 2014

Here we have some vintage style Captain America Trading Cards. You get two complete sets and I really like the look and finish of these – I know that’s a lame thing to like, sorry but I’m interested in paper textures, okay?! I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with a fun drinking game with these. Hey, I managed it with an episode of Eastenders.

Nerd Block October 2014

Marvel vs DC badges. Are you Team Marvel or Team DC? I’m DC everyday of the week. Although I do like Wolverine… he seems like the kinda guy that would switch allegiances though so sticking with DC.

Nerd Block October 2014 Nerd Block October 2014

This is exciting. Stationery! In a Nerd Block?! It’s Batman themed of course – Arkham Asylum Patient Notes to be exact, but practical all the same. Winner.

Nerd Block October 2014

Some Kevin Smith stickers. These are pretty cool, I really like the Jay and Silent Bob/Mario Brother mash up especially. I’m sure David will stick these on a notebook or folder somewhere.

Nerd Block October 2014

I love the Pop! vinyl figurines so was happy to see this one even though I don’t know who Deadpool is. David informs me that he is an X-Man[Men?] and there is an origins film being made for him soon, so was very pleased with this guy. I am too, I literally want all of the Pop! figurines, they’re too cute. Especially this Ash one.

Nerd Block October 2014

Lastly, a Jay and Silent Bob do Batman and Robin t-shirt. Again, I really like this. It’s fun and I know David will wear it.

Nerd Block October 2014

I think you’ll agree with me that that was a pretty good haul, right? Bravo Nerd Block, you really knocked it out the park this month. I did remember to cancel this time, sorry, got bills to pay, but I’ll be back I’m sure!

What do you think of this month’s Nerd Block? And where do you fall on the Marvel vs DC debate?



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