A Mag Education | The May Edition

A Mag Education MayOooh look, a film magazine. It’s so shiny! No freebies this month (boo) so let’s just get straight into it.

Company May 2014  Company May 2014

Er, speak for yourself Jameela! In her column Jameela asserts that “We are a generation of bums” because no one is carving Roman statues. All too busy with our technology apparently. Well excuse me, but there are PLENTY of people out there creating amazing things (and isn’t technology one of them?!). Maybe we’re not enlisting slaves to erect marble artworks in honour of our god-like rulers and thank fuck for that. Art is democratic. Art is different. Art is still here. Look for it!

Company May 2014

Rant over. Sorry, Jameela’s column really irked me this month! I did like this piece on introverts ruling the internet. Introversion can often be seen as a negative but this is definitely changing as the positive aspects can lead to pretty amazing stuff.

Company May 2014

I also had the Magic Steps shoes with the secret gold key hidden in the sole. Loved them so much!

Glamour May 2014 IMG_8809

Guys, a selfie is a self-portrait, taken by yourself. Not just any picture of a person. This celebrity ‘selfie’ re-enactment was pretty funny though.


I really want to have some nice house plants but I always kill them. Might have to pick up Isabelle Palmer’s book The House Gardener.


I’m dreaming of a summer holiday but I think it’ll have to be a staycation this year. Margate looks pretty good from this, anyone actually been?

Cosmopolitan May 2014 IMG_8806

I had no idea Twitter trolls were attacking bombing victims, saying the whole thing was made up! This has clearly gotten really out of hand. Sad times when we can’t even expect universal compassion at a time of tragedy.


My desk is bad for your career/life! Some good tips in this, going to look into the price of noise cancelling headphones for the team at work.

Empire June 2014 IMG_8817

I’m excited about Jurassic World! Hope it stands up to 1 and 2 (didn’t like 3 as much), they are two of my favourite films.


And another of my all-time faves – Jaws. Empire was marking it’s 25th anniversary and 300th issue this month so had some of the top directors guest editing the magazine. Steven Spielberg says that he never expected anyone to watch Jaws. Say what? False modesty or genuine naivety of how amazing the film was to be?


I am a huge David Fincher fan and to me Seven is the ultimate thriller. Here Fincher reveals that they almost didn’t have the “what’s in the box” ending or Kevin Spacey. Thank goodness the studios saw sense.

IMG_8822If I ever write/am in/ watch a fantasy film, I want Guillermo del Toro to be directing it. “Most directors have their office next to the production department. I have my office in the art department.” That folks, is why Pan’s Labyrinth et al is so spectacular.

I could have included so much more from Empire but Jaws, Seven, Pan’s Labyrinth, Jurassic Park are really some of my top films and I had to narrow it down somehow. This issue of Empire is fantastic and different to normal. I really highly recommend it, even if you don’t usually go for film magazines or reviews. It’s jam packed with classics and I’m sure you’ll find out some really interesting insights into some of your favourite films too.




2 thoughts on “A Mag Education | The May Edition”

  1. Jameela’s column in this month’s Company really annoyed me too! Shame because she normally makes some good points but this was so insulting to our entire generation.

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