Sunday Catch Up #3

This year, Monday the 20th was known as “Blue Monday”, the most depressing day of the year. Being the start of the last full week before payday (when the last one was sooo far back), the day that most people are likely to have failed at resolutions, and generally just a sucky day. I thought this was nonsense, but then it hit. Boy, did I suck at achieving stuff this week. I discovered I haven’t lost a single pound since New Year so gave up on my attempt at a healthy diet and have done no exercise this week. I have taken a photo every day, but largely boring, last thing at night snaps, having forgotten throughout the day. It’s been really busy at work and the weather is getting colder. Boo.

But onwards and upwards! Lets focus on the highlights. I had a good catchup (and massive Bacon and Avo Burger from Handmade Burger Co.) with two friends, I have one week to go until a week long holiday and I’ve actually had quite a productive weekend.

Saturday Cat Burns SupperOn Saturday I visited my Mum and Dad which, of course, means Murphy time! I get a bit allergic to him when I don’t see him for ages so I left with a splotchy, itchy rash on my face, but it was worth it!

Saturday was Burns Night. We had a non-traditional Burns Supper but it was probably the best I’ve had! Roast tatties instead of mash, green beans and carrots instead of neeps and haggis two ways. The haggis truffles (haggis wrapped in beef and breadcrumbs with peppercorn sauce) were amazing!

Sunday Lego Minifigures clothesIf me and David were Lego Minifigures! We popped into Smyth’s to get a birthday present for my nephew’s 2nd birthday and got a Lego Movie Minifigure that turned out to be the Crazy Cat Lady. Perfect.

I also picked out some bits and pieces for the Edinburgh Fashion Swap by I Heart Swapping next week. If you’re in Edinburgh next Sunday and fancy clearing out your wardrobe while raising money for charity and picking up some new bits, I definitely recommend checking this event out. More details here.

We’ve also been painting the spare room this weekend and are making good progress.

I feel so much more positive already! Tomorrow is the start of another week and a fresh start.

How was your week?


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