EOS vs Balmi

EOS Sweet Mint vs Balmi MintToday I have a little comparison review for you, pitting EOS Sweet Mint against Balmi Mint in the battle of the “novelty-shaped-lip-balms”. I got both of these at Christmas time (the Balmi in the Boots Advent Calendar and the EOS in my stocking) and I’ve been using them both for the past month.

EOS Sweet Mint Balmi MintBalmi used to come in round pots, more like the classic EOS packaging, makes me think that they had to change it? I’m not sure. You get more product above the pot with EOS than Balmi, therefore the EOS will last a lot longer than the Balmi if you are adverse to dipping your fingers in pots. However, both have 7g of product in total.  Both have a slightly rubberised finish to the packaging. I’m not a huge fan of this finish to be honest, they get dirty in your bag really quickly but do look cute sitting on your dresser at or desk at work. They both boast shea butter and jojoba oil in their ingredients list and are enriched with vitamin E, although EOS has more organic ingredients and is 100% natural.

Balmi mint Balmi mintBalmi Mint has a really nice, sweet scent that’s not overpowering at all. It has a soft, creamy texture and applies to the lips really smoothly. I like that it goes to a point as you can be more precise with application, although this diminishes over time obviously. It feels very moisturising and you can feel the effects for a good couple of hours. It also has SPF15 which is a must with a lip product I feel. The lid clicks on and feels secure and it has a key tie attached which I guess would be useful if you have a pit of a bag!

EOS Sweet Mint EOS Sweet MintIn comparison EOS Sweet Mint has a much stronger, more pepperminty scent. It also has a cooling effect on the lips which the Balmi lacks. You definitely know you are using a (100%) natural mint product! The texture is a bit firmer than the Balmi but it still glides on smoothly. It lasts slightly longer than the Balmi on your lips and leaves them well moisturised. Again, the lid feels very secure, I wouldn’t worry about this opening in my bag. Sadly, despite ticking all the natural, organic ingredients boxes, EOS has no SPF.

Balmi Mint and EOS Sweet Mint lip balmSo who wins? Well apologies but after all that, for me, it’s a tie. Not much separates the two and although I love the EOS, you gotta have SPF in there! Balmi is more readily available in the UK (available at Boots for £4.99) but you are able to find EOS for around the same price on Amazon. I will definitely be trying out more flavours from both!

Have you tried EOS or Balmi? Which do you prefer?

P.S. I have already had a the Balmi Coconut – it is amazing! So yummy smelling.


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