Maybelline Color Show Brocades

Maybelline color show brocadesCheck out these nail polishes, all of which would be perfect for Christmas Day or for New Year. You’ve probably seen many a post/vlog proclaiming the wonder of ‘Knitted Gold’ (left), but I’d argue that both ‘Rosy Rosettes’ (centre) and ‘Foil Flash'(right) are just as glorious. Maybelline has certainly done well with this Brocades collection. There is also a blue shade called ‘Wovenskyline’ which I haven’t actually seen in stock. These are Β£3.99 each and currently on 3 for 2 at Boots and Superdrug (with a bonus free Baby Lips at Boots!).

Knitted gold‘Knitted Gold’ is a beautiful gold micro shimmer with chunky rose gold glitters running through it. All of these apply evenly with good glitter distribution. The above is three coats on its own, which for a glitter nail polish is reasonable. It would be quicker to start off with a light gold base coat, but it’s important to note that none of these are intended to be top coats, they are too full of colour for that. I love the different sizes of glitter in this, it give a really dimensional finish. And it is so sparkly!

Rosy RosettesThis is just two coats of ‘Rosy Rosettes’, so you can see that the red base is fairly opaque. Again, there is a mirco shimmer, this time red and gold and chunky red/pink glitter.

Foil FlashI only picked up ‘Foil Flash’ as it was on 3 for 2, but I love it. The silver base shines with a silver/gold duo shimmer under the chunky silver glitters which really elevates it above other silver glitters. I think that this is for sure my new favourite silver glitter.

One negative thing that I would say about the Brocades line is that it chips ridiculously easily. I skipped the base and top coat (naughty I know) and it chipped off completely within a day. I do tend to pick once I get chips, but this is still much faster than you would expect. To be honest, I didn’t mind this too much as I was not looking forward to trying to remove this, but I understand how annoying it would be if you wanted a few days out of your mani. This makes me think that it will be perfect for a glitzy night out mani, but do not skip the base and top coat!

Other than that, I love these so much. I think I’d say ‘Knitted Gold’ is my favourite due to the current obsession with rose gold, but ‘Foil Flash’ and ‘Rosy Rosettes’ are hot on its tail.

What do you think of this range? Is the blue ‘Wovenskylines’ worth hunting for?


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