Essie – Toggle to the Top

Essie Toggle to the TopI don’t often buy from Essie even though it is a very popular nail polish brand amongst bloggers. However, I couldn’t pass up ‘Toggle to the Top’, the dark red glitter from the A/W13 collection.

Essie Toggle to the Top‘Toggle to the Top’ features a bright red glitter within a dark raspberry like – almost burgundy – red. This is a great colour for the holiday season. The glitter certainly stands out but is a grown-up, sophisticated take on a glitter-bomb look.

I did struggle with the application of this. The ‘Pro’ line has thin brushes and unfortunately this seemed to make the polish apply unevenly and patchy. It does not self level at all. I would recommend that you find the ‘Diffusion’ line in a drugstore (such as Boots) as these have wide brushes so may help keep the application more even. Staying power wasn’t great either, these were really quite badly chipped by the end of the first day.

All in all, not great impressions. I would wear this is I was heading out for the night and changing my nails the next day, or as an accent nail, but not if I was hoping for a long-lasting mani though. It is a beautiful colour though.

What do you think of Essie nail polishes? Do you find that they are quick to chip too?


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