Weekly Loves #3

Stuff I want, stuff I have and love, stuff I can’t wait for. Deep.

Marie Claire’s Eyeko Freebie  Marie Claire Eyeko freebie Summer always seems to be a good time for magazine freebies and Marie Claire is really stepping up to the plate. Last month I was kinda underwhelmed by the Ciate Caviar beads freebie (aren’t they a bit over now?) although I know it was a pretty sweet deal with the matching nail polish. This month however, super excited. This eyeliner pen is amazing! Eyeko is a brand I’ve never tried but heard good things about. Well done, Marie Claire!

On newsstands now.

Tiger Swimsuit  Tiger Black Milk ClothingCan we just stop for a moment to appreciate the pure awesome that is this swimsuit? Oh how I wish I could afford a Black Milk Clothing swimsuit! They have so many amazing ones:, Galaxy print; Dinosaur; R2D2; Jaws vs Ariel!!! But my favourite has to be this tiger one. And tigers love water so it makes perfect sense, fact fans.

Marvel at the wonder here: www.blackmilkclothing.com

Matalan Homewares fluro-zig-zag-cushion-matalanMost of the time Matalan’s homeware collection can be a bit going-for-the-antique-look-but-actually-a-bit-heavy-on-the-faux for me, but sometimes it looks like something straight off of my Pinterest page. Neon. Colour-blocking. That is all.

Buy online at www.matalan.co.uk 

Frances Ha

My favourite film from this year’s EIFF. It’s perfect. UK release date is 26th July, so go and see it.

Innocent Peaches and Apricots Innocent smoothiesNow that it’s officially summer, I think I could live on this. With some strawberries and pineapple. Mmm!

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Hawaiian-Tropic-Silk-Hydration-Aftersun-Lotion-187003And if Innocent is the taste of summer, this is the smell. Seriously, go into a chemist and sniff it, it’s amazing!

Retails for £12.59, worth it for healthy summer skin.

My other favourite this week is having the whole weekend off! Yey! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a nap.


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