Photo A Day – Week 26

Hello little blog, I’ve missed you. Can’t wait for the weekend, it’s been a crazy few weeks and I’m looking forward to getting back to normal and writing a few posts. This is what happened last week:

Day 24: Negative Space Negative SpaceWas starting to feel as if the space between my ears was negative space…

Day 25: Sharp  SharpSaw a film today called uwantme2killhim? which was about ‘catfishing’ and knife crime. Very good too.

Day 26:  Empty EmptyHow can this be empty? There’s loads on!!

Day 27: Into the sun Into the SunNo actual sun today, so here’s a yellow Rimmel polish called ‘Sunshine’. Colour combo inspired by work, obv.

Day 28: Red RedNew makeup bag! This came in my Beauty Swap Box and was made by my swap partner’s mum. So lovely.

Day 29: In my bag In my bagOh my god, so much stuff! In my lovely yellow Cambridge Satchel I have: wallet; ancient iPod; coconut Balmi lip balm; diary, house keys; Soap & Glory Hand Maid; pop out brush; USB stick containing my never to be finished essay; blog notebook and pen; Nivea lip balm (why do I have 2?); work keys; tissues; lots of tickets for EIFF events; Kindle, chewing gum; random flyers; bus tickets; and my invite to the Closing Night Party!

Day 30: Handwriting HandwritingOh yeah it’s Closing Night!! So exciting!

And that was my week. What you didn’t see was the anticipation of going to the Surprise Movie, an epic feast had at Red Squirrel, the Info Team slowly going mad reading creepy fairy tales, an adventure in analogue film and the excitement of seeing one of my comedy heroes, Greg Hemphill, at the Closing Night Gala.

Follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope for up to the minute instagoodies. So long June, it’s been fun. Here’s to July!


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