Photo A Day – Week 27

Hello July, nice to see you. That’s officially halfway through the challenge!


Day 1: Happiness is… Happiness isWraaap Partaaay!

Day 2: Shoes ShoesWearing Converse in the Vans store. Rebel.

Day 3: Cold ColdCan’t beat a cold glass bottle of Diet Coke.

Day 4: Red, white or blue Red, white or blueCrunch!

Day 5: Love LoveLove this colour! Pool green is my current obsession. Been eyeing these Vans for months and I was delighted to find a matching hoodie for Β£12 in the mens section of Matalan.Β  Perfecto!

Day 6: Fave smell Fave smellCan’t beat a bit of Lush! Went a bit crazy and treated myself to 4 bath bombs, a special container for said bath bombs and a bubble bar.

Day 7: Where you are Where you areThe UK’s gone Murray-mad now that he’s actually gone and won Wimbledon so we’ve renamed Scotland Murraydonia!

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