Mani Monday – Holographic Hero

Holographic HerosFinally got my paws on a holographic nail polish. I’ve heard good things about GOSH’s holographics so when I spotted this one on the 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug I snapped it up. At Β£4.99 it’s not too expensive and is a good sized bottle.

I found application a bit odd. It reminded me of using a crackle topcoat where it half-dries almost instantly and can drag terribly. In the end I applied three thin coats. I then finished with a topcoat as I didn’t think it was that shiny. The lid of the bottle reads “One night wear for holographic lovers’ so I wasn’t expecting much in terms of staying power but I’ve had this on for over two days and there are no chips so far. This is possibly due to the addition of the topcoat which I would definitely recommend.

Holographic HeroApologies for the fuzzy, red fingered photo, but this shows off the holographic effect best. In dull light it looks silver with the holographic effect barely visible unless you hold it right up to your face. However, in artificial light it sparkles!

Overall, I glad I got this. I didn’t have a polish like this in my collection already (not something I can say often!) so this is pretty special. I wear a lot of black with silver accessories when I go out so this will surely become my night out staple polish. Looking forward to finally getting my hands on some striping tape for some nail art with this one too.


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