Film Review – Spring Breakers

If popular culture is to be believed, Spring Break is for Americans what  a summer holiday to Magaluf is for UK teens. Messy. And if BBC3 and Harmony Korine are to be believed, some kids always take it too far. This review is spoilerific.

Spring BreakersSpring Breakers | 2012 | Harmony Korine | USA | 15 | 94 mins

Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith (yeah, really) are desperate to leave for the ultimate spring break vacation in Florida. So they rob a diner. Except Faith, she’s a good girl really, she believes in Jesus and everything. They find that spring break is like totes amazing and spiritual and they are really finding themselves and stuff. Then they get arrested. But a drug dealer called Alien rescues them and commands them to look at all his shit. Then Faith get scared and leaves, cos y’know, she’s a good girl. And then Cotty gets shot and leaves. And then the drug dealer takes Brit and Candy to get revenge and he gets killed. Finally, after killing all of Alien’s enemies the two girls left standing drive off into the sunset like Thelma and Louise.

You think that’s a shallow review? You should see the film. Or watch a couple of Rihanna videos on MTV and save yourself the bother.

OK, so that’s not exactly fair. I watched this film a week ago and every time I think about it I have a different opinion. Spring Breakers is all style and no substance but isn’t that the nature of the culture that Korine is lampooning? So he is actually achieving what he set out to do so… it’s good? The casting choice with ex-Disney stars is inspired if only to court controversy: “OMG what is Vanessa Hudgens doing?” Likewise, James Franco’s Alien is the perfect companion to these ‘good girls gone wild’ starlets. He seems like an idiot, and indeed meets a befitting end for an idiot. In segments it is visually hypnotizing and the soundtrack is immersive and enhances every scene.

On second thoughts, go see the film and come back and tell me what to think. Spring Breakers is a crowd-splitter and a half.


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