October Photo A Day Challenge – Week Four

Almost there! Only three days left after this post.

Day 22: In your town
The defining feature of my hometown, Newtongrange, is the Lady Victoria Colliery, now the National Mining Museum Scotland, and where I work. This is the iconic headframe wheels. Structures like this one used to be visible all over Midlothian and now this is the only one left. A wonderful photographic subject.

Day 23: The view from here
Dark, rainy and nothing much to see I’m afraid. This was snapped on the way to the cinema, don’t worry, I wasn’t driving. Quite like this one but wish I had got more of the dark space and maybe cropped the dashboard out.

Day 24: Weather
Real lack of dramatic weather today, shame this prompt fell on this day as we had snow later on in the week. Instead this was a perfectly pleasant, crisp autumnal day.

Day 25: People
Lollipop people! Doing a grand job on a tricky, busy junction in Dalkeith. Double filtered.

Day 26: Listening to
Derek the dugong rocking out to some tunes. Just a bit of fun.

Day 27: Morning
Still some evidence left of last nights flurry of snow and hail.

Day 28: Looking back
Another picture taken at NMMS, are you getting sick of these yet?! Seemed appropriate for today’s prompt to include some history. This is the bust of Archibald Hood, one of the men instrumental in sinking the Lady Victoria shaft and for forming the modern mining industry in Scotland and Wales. Last night I went to a paranormal investigation at the museum and his was one of the spirits detected. Actually found in the staff room, where most of us feel a bit uncomfortable. Hmm. In any case, he was a good guy, he made sure the miners had decent housing and gardens and introduced Gothenburg pubs, so if he is still there, I’m OK with that, I’ll just say good morning Sir.

You can see my week one, week two and week three here.  Follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope to see how I’m doing for the couple of days. Also check out @fatmumslim and the hashtag #FMSPhotoaday to see more entries to the challenge and to keep up to date with future challenges.

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