Friday Favourites – 26 Oct

Last Friday of October! It’s been an exciting month, I’m coming to the end of my Photo a Day Challenge and my Nail Art Challenge and I’m considering what I should take on for November. Here’s what has been floating my boat this week:

Olympus E-PM1

Not quite taking the plunge back into SLR photography so I’ve decided to get a kinda in between camera and I think this is the one. It’s a pretty reasonable price (around £250) which seems good to me as there are numerous lenses I have my eye on for it so I can splash out on them instead. Looking forward to sharing some pictures with you.

Visit if you’re looking to get a new digital camera and are after some reviews.


Even though I see each episode roughly four times, thanks to BBC3’s mad scheduling, I am really enjoying this comedy. From the first adverts, I thought Cuckoo looked terrible, but I am happy to eat my words on this one. Starring Greg Davies and Andy Samberg, the general premise is that Ken (Davies) hates his daughter’s new hippie husband, Cuckoo (Samberg) who has moved into his home. OK so I’m rubbish at selling it, but trust me, it’s good, mostly down to the talents of Davies and Samberg.

If you are in the UK, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer here.

Friday I’m In Love!

Most appropriate t-shirt award goes to… A calendar design acting out The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love. Lovely!

Get it at


Ok, so this is not really following the pattern of these posts, but I’m excited as we had the first snow of this winter today! That means it’s almost Christmas, right? admittedly, this is an old photo, the snow isn’t quite lying like this yet, but I’m hopeful for a white winter – I know it can be cold and miserable, but I love it. And how cute does Mr Murphy look in this picture?

Whoop whoop! Bring on November!

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