Mani Monday – 31 Day Nail Challenge Week Four

Welcome to the last full week of this Nail Challenge! After this post I have two more days left which I’ll post up next Monday. This week was really challenging for me, like some of the results, a bit indifferent about others. Let me know what you think!

Day 22: Inspired by a song
The missing design from last week. Worth the wait though I think. This is inspired by Sheb Wooley’s ‘Purple People Eater’ and the song choice was inspired by Halloween. Excited! I used Max Factor ‘Juicy Plum’ (background), Max Factor ‘Purple Haze’ (spots), Models Own ‘Lemon Meringue’ (horn), Models Own Nail Art Pen in White and Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black.

Day 23: Inspired by a movie
Inspired by Ruby Sparks, mostly the title to be honest. A bit heavy handed? I love the red glittery polish but I only had a toothpick and not a brush for the stars so it looks a bit gloopy. I used China Glaze ‘Kalahari Kiss’ (sand) and China Glaze ‘Ruby Pumps’ (red glitter).

Day 24: Inspired by a book
Inspired by Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, one of my very favourite books. Really looking forward to the film too! This was inspired by the cover of the copy that I have which is an aerial view of Pi and the Tiger on a small boat surrounded by an ocean filled with flying fish. Beautiful. I used Missguided ‘Misstique’ (sea), OPI ‘What’s with the Catitude?’ (fishies), Nails Inc ‘Candy Orange’ (tiger fur) and Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black.

Day 25: Inspired by fashion
So recently nail art has been a pretty big deal, with fashion designers featuring it in their runway shows. This mani was inspired by Prabal Gurung’s S/S 2013 runway show featuring a blood drip designed and executed by TracyLee Percival. I used Nails Inc ‘Elizabeth Street’ and OPI ‘Off With Her Red’.

Day 26: Inspired by a pattern
Tricky one to decide what to do. I decided to try a Ikat pattern as it is a design I have seen a lot, really liked and heard was very achievable. I really like the result even though it’s not perfect. I used Rimmel ‘Block Your Green’ (background – photographs blue but is green!), OPI ‘Koala Bear-y’ (pink spots), Boots 17 ‘Mini Skirt’ (white spots) and Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black.

Day 27: Inspired by artwork
Maybe this is the most obvious choice of inspiration but this mani is inspired by Jackson Pollock’s Number 8 (1949). I used the straw method which I HATED! Just gross, messy and difficult. Thumbs down. I used Rimmel ‘Grey Matter’ (grey background) Nails Inc ‘Black Taxi’ (black), Nails Inc ‘Carnaby street’ (yellow), Nails Inc ‘Candy Orange’ (orange) and Boots 17 ‘Mini Skirt’ (white). I was planning on doing another layer of some of the colours but by the time I got just to this stage I really didn’t want to.

Day 28: Inspired by a flag
Scotland! Whoop whoop!! I used China Glaze ‘Frostbite’ (blue base), Nails Inc ‘Royal Arcade’ (GLITTER!) and Models Own Nail Art Pen in White. Love it!

Day 29: Inspired by the supernatural
Appropriate for this time of year. I saw a really cool picture of a girl who had done an electroplasm inspired mani which I tried to copy. I tried to find it again to link here but I can’t, sorry. I didn’t pull it off as well as she did, I think my colours weren’t quite right but it is just inspired by. Going to try this again if I think some glow in the dark polish. I used Nails Inc ‘Black Taxi’ (black), OPI ‘ Who The Shrek Are You?’ (light green) and Fearne Cotton for Boots in an unnamed shimmery mid-green.

Thanks for checking out my nails this week. Click here to see my Week One, here to see Week Two and here for Week Three of this challenge and the full list of the challenge. Only two more days – inspired by a tutorial and to recreate my favourite look. Ooh what to choose, what to choose…


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