Mani Monday – 31 Day Nail Challenge Week Three

Week three! Only one week and two days left. Nails are not damaged from all the polish changing but are a bit discoloured (I blame a very red Nails Inc polish – and my laziness when it comes to base coats). Loving some of the manis this week, wish I could keep them on for longer than one day! Let me know what you think:

Day 16: Tribal
Tried a couple of designs before I settled on this one. The others were more intricate, therefore too messy. I like this one, but I’ll build up my skills gradually untill I get to WAH levels of tribal awesomeness. I used Collection 2000 (or is it just Collection now?) ‘Hidden’ andΒ  Models Own WAH Nail Art Pen in White.

Day 17: Glitter
Amazing new glitter polishes from Barry M in shops now! This one is ‘Amethyst Glitter’, a mix of blue, silver, pink, purple and black round flecks in both small and tiny. Actually couldn’t stop staring at it! Layered here over a pink and purple base but it would be the same in three coasts with no base colour.

Day 18: Half Moons
Wow I love these! Going to try them with a sandy background for the leopard print next time. Very rockabilly chic! I used Nails Inc ‘Milan’ (red), Nails Inc ‘Lower Sloane Street’ (background), China Glaze ‘Foie Gras’ (spots) Models Own WAH Nails Art Pen in Black (outlines).

Day 19: Galaxies
Pretty pretty! I like how every time that you do galaxy nails you will get a different result. I’ve also seen people do pastel ones, or with orange and green so I’m keen to try this one more. For below I used Barry M ‘Black’ (base), China Glaze ‘Frostbite’ (metallic blue), OPI ‘Koala Bear-y’ (pink), Collection 2000 ‘Button Moon’ (light blue), OPI ‘Last Friday Night’ (blue glitter) and Boots 17 ‘Glitter Topcoat’ to finish.

Day 20: Water Marbled
Ugh I hate water marbling. It’s so inconsistent, sometimes it works out great, and other times it’s just a big old mess. This is one of the times its somewhere in the middle. The polishes spread on the water out, but weren’t very opaque. So this is a watercolour water marble. Sorry, couldn’t be bothered spending too much time on this one. I used Boots 17 ‘Mini Skirt’ (white) as a base coat and China Glaze ‘Frostbite’ (blue) and China Glaze ‘Coconut Kiss’ (purple) to marble.

Day 21: Inspired by a colour
So this one is inspired by one of my favourite nail polishes. It is ‘Denim’ by Nails Inc. I decided to take inspiration from the name and go for an acid wash look. I’ll post up a tutorial for this look in coming weeks, but really, just google it, there’s loads of tutorials out there already. I used Nails Inc ‘Denim’ (obv! Blue base) and Boots 17 ‘Mini Skirt’ (white) as well as Seche Vite for the topcoats.

Day 22: Inspired by a song
Is er… missing. Really didn’t want to take the previous mani off! I will either post it through the week or tag it on to next Monday’s super post.

Thanks for checking out my nails this week Click here to see my Week One and here to see Week Two of this challenge and the full list of what else to expect over the rest of the month.


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