October Wishlist | Halloween Horrors

Halloween Wishlist

Halloween Wishlist

Happy 1st of the month, and welcome to my first blog post in a month! Or so… more on this on Sunday. Today is all about Halloween and a look at the little horrors making my dreams nightmares this month. It’s a subtly spooky lot this time, hope you see something that’ll put you in the monster-loving mood.

  1. Mechanical Bones Leggings from BlackMilk (£34.73 ex from AUD) I’m a huge BlackMilk fan, if there’s anything that makes me want to take up running it’s the thought of looking smokin’ in one of their many nylon masterpieces. These mechanical bones are a twist on the original (and now highly ripped off) skeleton leggings. There is also a matching swimsuit – instant Halloween costume right there.
  2. Overlook Hotel Necklace by Sugar & Vice (£20) Heeerrreee’s Johnny! I’ve had this on my wishlist for so long, I love the fact that it’s a nod to the film, rather than a blood-dripping, in your face piece. Although a dripping axe would admittedly be quite cool too. Horror connotations aside, the colours are very autumn appropriate.
  3. Freddy Krueger Pop! Vinyl Figure (£10.99) There are so many of these figurines I love, I can totally see how easy it would be to build up a huge collection without meaning too. I already have a couple, but for this Halloween I’m loving the Freddy Krueger in honour of the master Wes Craven.
  4. Naked Smoky Palette from Urban Decay (£38) Of course. If there’s ever a need for a smoky eye, it’s the autumn season. I wish I could say I’m happy to skip this release, but I’d be lying. It looks like a great palette, I can’t deny it.
  5. Jumper with Halloween Ghost Elbow Patches from ASOS (£22) ASOS do so many of these jumpers with novelty elbow patches and I’m kinda all about them. These ghouls sneak a dash of Halloween fun into your everyday.
  6. Outpost #31 Zip Up Hooded Top by Last Exit to Nowhere (£35) It’s no secret that I value comfort over fashion so an autumn must have for me is of course a  comfy, cosy hoodie. Again, this one is a nod to a horror classic so a great way to incorporate Halloween into your wardrobe.
  7. Essential Horror Movies: Matinee Monsters to Cult Classics by Michael Mallory (£25) I have quite a collection of horror movie books already, but I’m always on the lookout for more creepy coffee table books. This one sounds fun as it includes trivia and behind the scenes anecdotes. The sight of Regan staring out from the cover is slightly unsettling though. Okay, a lot unsettling. That’s one scary chick.

Have a fun October, witches!

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