Sunday Catch Up #1

Happy Sunday everyone. I feel a bit out of sorts no longer having my regular Sunday post of my Photo A Day challenge. While I have still been taking a photo every day (this time collecting them with the iPhone app Collect) I don’t want to post them all here. Some days are just, y’know, boring. So instead I’ll be using Sundays to post a few snapshots of my week, maybe share some links with you, that sort of thing. Sound good?

Haul TimeFirst of all, I thought you guys might be interested in some hauls! I had £60 worth od Boots points and splashed them all! I bought 2 Origins facemasks, I’ve been using the Drink Up Intensive Overnight one already and I love it. Will share my thoughts on both soon. I also picked up Baby Skin, a few nail polishes and a mascara which I’ll do a review on next week. I also bought some trainers in the Schuh sale – glamorous! I want to get into walking more/possibly venturing to a gym and needed some suitable footwear.

You’ll also notice the Lush haul no doubt. I ordered this on the 26th Dec and it came on the 9th Jan! I was getting so impatient! I won’t review the Christmas products but may well do Butterball, The Comforter and the Popcorn lip scrub. I’ve been having the best baths lately.

Chilling OutThe other highlight of my week was having an extremely lazy Saturday. I bought some Monsters University leggings pyjamas from Primark recently and really like them. I didn’t think that the leggings would be as comfy as regular slouchy jammas but they’re great. And they don’t ride up your legs during the night.

I finished the book I got at Christmas (Take a Look at Me Now by Miranda Dickinson – not great tbh) and started on Before We Met by Lucie Waterhouse which I’m enjoying so far. I also had a wee treat of gourmet chocolate chip marshmallow with my hot chocolate.

Today I visited my friend and helped her set up some social media networks for her photography business. Have a look at her website here: it’s pretty swish!

How was your week?

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3 responses to “Sunday Catch Up #1

  1. I am in LOVE with those leggings. The roomie has them too and I’m so jealous. I may need to make a little trip to Primark soon.

    Also muchos jealous of your choc chip marshmallows. Who even knew such a magical thing existed?

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

    • They have so many nice pyjamas at the moment!

      The marshmallows were a treat in my Christmas stocking, you can get them from Firebox:

      Want to try the coconut ones next!

  2. I adore The Comforter!

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