Maybelline Baby Skin

Maybelline Baby SkinThis week I’ve been trying out Maybelline’s new launch, Baby Skin, a pore minimising primer. I usually use Benefit’s The Porefessional but at £24.50 I was keen to find a cheaper alternative. At £7.99 a tube, I was hoping that Baby Skin would fit the bill.

Maybelline Baby SkinI really like the packaging of this. The pink text on the blue background is undeniably cute but I also like the fact that the tube has a narrow nozzle for controlled, hygienic dispensing. The tube is quite small and compact so will easily slot into you makeup bag for touch ups on the go.

Maybelline Baby SkinThe primer itself is a clear, silicone based gel. I personally like this texture, I have quite dry skin and it glides on making it all feel a lot smoother. With a light foundation on top Baby Skin does do the job of making the skin appear smoother and ‘poreless’. However, I don’t think it really achieves this look on its own as well as Benefit’s The Porefessional does. That being said, I don’t experience the same problem of the product clinging to dry patches and highlighting them with Baby Skin as I do with The Porefessional. So which do I prefer? It’s tricky but at a pinch, I’d say Baby Skin as it works well with my makeup.

If you like the feeling of silicone based products I would definitely recommend that you give Baby Skin a go. I feel that a lot of people were a bit disappointed with the much hyped Baby Lips when they launched in the UK and I think that this will restore faith in the Maybelline ‘Baby’ range.

Have you tried Baby Skin? What do you think of it?

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4 responses to “Maybelline Baby Skin

  1. passionforyourfashion

    I love Baby Skin! It is so good xx. Love your blog :)

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