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#BEDM | A Day in the Life

I’m sorry that the photo an hour prompt has fallen on a Friday that I’ve been firstly busy at work working instead of takings photos, and secondly very tired so have no evening plans beyond stuffing my face. Maybe you’ll like this anyway. It’s certainly not going to give you life-envy so there’s always that!


7am: Urgh


8am: Yum, Coco Shreddies!


9am: Boo, work!


11am: Still here.


1pm: Red Bull and half a Krispy Kreme for lunch – well it is Friday!

3pm: I did take a picture (another exciting one of my desk!) but you can read a password so it’s not going up.


5.30pm: Walking home. What a nice day it seems to have been, shame I didn’t notice ’til now.


6pm: David preparing dinner.


7pm: Dinner of hotdogs and wedges – portion control needs work!


8pm: Chores. Tidying away clothes before I can get into bed.


9pm: Bedtime! I’m writing this post then having an early night with my book.

Don’t I have a thrilling life!? I guess what you missed from this is that my day at work was actually quite productive, I got a lot of stuff done, David scored himself a temporary job and I had that blissful experience of setting my out of office at 17:28 today. A four day weekend awaits me! Oh, and I watched the episode of Mythbusters where they try to herd cats – spoiler alert – you can’t.

Now to my book…