Clickbait #2

I promise this feature won’t take you to spam, it’s just a fortnightly round up of my favourite stuff I’ve seen on the internets…


Art is Pointless… by Jasmine Kay Uy (photo credit: atrachelabbott)

Stuck for book blog ideas? Vivatramp has you totally covered with 200 prompts! Part One and Part Two here. I need to do the Britney Spears book tag like now #itsbritneybitch.

Feeling a bit homesick as Edinburgh was awarded the top spot in a rank of best places to live in the UK. Well I knew that already! Gloucestershire is down in 55th place…

That then led me into a click-hole of Scottish Buzzfeed articles including 63 Things That Mildly Annoy Scots on a Daily Basis. “Not being able to get a roll and square sausage in England” – my daily pain.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right, YouTube (Red)? The fallout was inevitable, but it’s interesting to see the development of this story.

Calling all shopaholics – ASOS is launching a rewards scheme! Points! Freebies! Discounts! SHOPPING!!

I love the designs of Emily’s printable hand tattoos. I think they’d be great for Halloween.

I’m currently in the process of buying a house so I’m thinking a lot about interiors. I’m thinking a blank canvas for art and accessories to do the talking, but this happy, colour-filled house in Fayetteville, featured on Design Sponge is making me reconsider.

Lastly, no link but my favourite thing of the past fortnight is that the clocks go back tomorrow morning, enjoy your extra hour in bed lovelies!


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