Lush Haul Skydancer

Lush Haul | Skydancer Charity Bath Bomb

Lush Haul Skydancer

Lush is well known for it’s charity campaigns – for both animal and human rights, and the latest to be launched is focusing on England’s Hen Harrier birds of prey. I was very interested in this as I absolutely love seeing birds of prey – buzzards, hawks, kites soaring above fields, swooping across highways – a real glimpse of truly wild Britain. However, I didn’t know how critically endangered some of these species are. You do hear a lot about Scotland’s Golden Eagles or Ospreys, but in actual fact, the Hen Harriers are at an even more critical stage. I have learned from the Lush campaign that there are only three breeding pairs left in England. Worse, adults and chicks have been known to disappear – confirming suspicion of poaching.

Lush Haul Skydancer Lush Haul Skydancer

Lush hopes to raise funds towards satellite tracking for new Hen Harrier chicks. This will allow conservationists to monitor them more closely, prevent the illegal hunting of them, and secure prosecutions against poachers.

All profits from the Skydancer – Far from the Madding Guns bath bomb (Β£3.95) will go the RSPB for this purpose. I’m not going to lie – this bomb is a bit weird smelling (floral and liquorice), but it is gorgeous. I seriously think it’s the prettiest bath bomb I’ve ever seen and you can’t argue with the good cause.

Lush Haul Skydancer

You can see the size of Skydancer above – it’s huge! Could easily do two baths and will be easy to split (if you can bear to snap that bird).

Lush Haul Skydancer

I also picked up a few other items that are new in store, having been trialled in the flagship Oxford Street store. The Frozen bath bomb (yes, inspired by the film) is a rose and grapefruit scented, glitter packed dream,  the Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar is an addition to the popular bath bomb that came out last year, and the Creamy Candy bubble bar is an updated, reformulated version of the Snow Fairy scented original. I also picked up a Twilight bath bomb, not new but not one I’ve used before. I’m looking forward to a nice snuggly, sleepy bath with it very soon.

You can find out more about the Hen Harrier campaign and how to help these birds here. Hopefully over the next couple of years we’ll see their numbers climb, not disappear completely.

4 thoughts on “Lush Haul | Skydancer Charity Bath Bomb

  1. Bethan (@BethanLikes) says:

    I love Lush’s involvement in campaigns, it’s always something I’ve admired about the company.
    I went into my local store earlier to admire all the new products, unfortunately I don’t have a bath to use them in😦 I did buy the new new Comforter shower gel which smells incredible!

  2. srtbeauty says:

    Please check out my blog and have the chance to be blogger of the week x

  3. Kaily says:

    OMG Frozen!!?? These all look so fun:) I’m jealous every time I see someone do a lush bath bomb haul because I don’t have a bathtub lol. It’s a sad life😦 Haha.

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