Face Mask Fandom | GlamGlow YouthMud

GlamGlow Youth Mud

I’ve been wanting to try out the GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment (to give it it’s full name) for ages so when I saw that a sample was going to be in the Look Fantastic Beauty Box in November I snapped it up. Although I’ve heard lots of good things about it, it retails at £49.99 (£10 off at Look Fantastic just now though) so I really wanted to try a sample first.

The sample size I got was pretty good – enough for 3 applications. Including sea clay and volcanic minerals, GlamGlow claims to completely rejuvenate the complexion within ten minutes. It is a thick grey cream with lots of very fine exfoliating granules. It also has black sticky things in it, not really sure what they are to be honest.

glamglow face mask

Sadly, I didn’t love this. It definitely does work – it gives your skin a thorough scrub but miraculously for a clay mask, doesn’t feel too drying. You do still need to slap on a moisturiser afterwards if you have dry skin anyway, but it’s probably the least drying clay mask I have tried. However, I just didn’t like the application or feel of it. It’s messy, and it’s kind of dry so it’s hard to spread on your skin. I didn’t like the tingle sensation (or stinging if we’re being honest) and the grains and larger bits felt uncomfortable to remove.

In a way (a £50 shaped way) I’m not to upset to have found this disappointing. I can see why people like it, it does what it claims after all, but to me it just falls short. I use face masks on a weekly basis as a treat and I like to have ones that I know I’ll enjoy using. I wouldn’t look forward to this and it wouldn’t fit in with my pamper routine so it’s a pass from me.

Have you tried GlamGlow YouthMud? Did you like it more than I did?


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