Lucky Dip Club | Lucky Diner

Lucky Dip Club Lucky Dine

Diner days were happy days in last month’s Lucky Dip Club. If you’re not familiar, Lucky Dip Club is a monthly subscription service priced at £15 per month. It includes a jewellery piece, a DIY kit and a personalised item as well as a selection from homewares, stationery and other fun items. It’s always wonderfully presented and a joy to open. Every month has a new theme so let’s have a look at what was in the Lucky Diner box:

Lucky Dip Club Lucky Dine

The star of the box was the donut, a gorgeous gold necklace. This is a new material for Lucky Dip Club and a really lovely addition. A classy donut, right?

Lucky Dip Club Lucky Dine

This is a magnet and is to be used for sticking takeaway menus to your fridge. I love this idea so much. Unfortunately my fridge is behind a cupboard door so not magnetised but I’m keeping a hold of this for when I do have a nicer fridge.

Lucky Dip Club Lucky Dine

Super cute paper straws. I love a cutesy accessory in my drink so I’m happy with these. Love the colour combination too.

Lucky Dip Club Lucky Dine

The DIY this month is a paper craft where you make your own burger buddy. It’s essentially 3 little boxes that look like a cheery burger.

Lucky Dip Club Lucky Dine

How awesome is this ice cream sundae tea towel? I’m always up for a homeware piece and this will jazz up the boring task of drying the dishes. But it might force me to eat ice cream as soon as I’m finished…

Lucky Dip Club Lucky Dine

For October we got a wee extra for Halloween in the form of a black cat button. I know that there is two schools of thought when it comes to black cats but I fall on the side of them being lucky so fingers crossed this will bring me some good luck! The menu card was also really cool this month with a roller skating waitress.

Lucky Dip Club Lucky Dine

This was another good month. Sadly, I think I’m going to have to dip out of Lucky Dip Club soon as I need to cut back on my spending. Maybe just a couple more…

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