Farewell to Company

Farewell to company

On Wednesday 13th August Company magazine announced that it’s next issue, the October issue, would be it’s last to be printed. Even though Company is a magazine that I regularly read and enjoy, I can’t say I was that surprised but I was saddened.

Company has increasingly aligned itself with the online world with a great website and a widespread, consistent social media presence. It has also long been a champion of online talent – even featuring blogger Zoella on it’s front cover. If the future of magazines is online, surely Company would be the first to realise this. And that’s where it’s going. Not a digital issue – just an online home over at Company.co.uk like sister Hearst title, Sugarscape. It’s risky, if the magazine world is saturated, imagine the online world. But I’m sure they’ll give it a good go and it definitely has the potential to pay off.

Farewell to Company Magazine

Despite this, I will miss the magazine. I think it was one of the strongest on the market in terms of brand identity and awareness. The compact size, matte paper, collage style and great typography all played into it’s target market perfectly. I’m now a bit beyond that market but Company felt very relevant to me in my final years of uni and post-graduation/recession doom. Articles such as the plus side of moving back home to your parents and how to stay motivated on the job hunt certainly came at a welcome time. I hope that the online venture is a resounding success and that Company can continue to provide this support to young women in it’s own unique voice, humour and style.

Did you read Company? What were your feelings on them stopping print? Any favourite articles? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Farewell to Company”

  1. I’ve not really read Company that much but the issues I did read I enjoyed. It’ll be interesting to see how many other magazines follows suite in the the next few years or so!

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

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