Lucky Dip Club | Pet Parade

July Lucky Dip Club

My favourite time of the month is when the Lucky Dip Club box hits my welcome mat. Each month is themed and the theme is revealed on social media ahead of time. July’s box was ‘Pet Parade’ and we were asked to provide either our favourite animal or our pet’s name. Bit exciting right?

Pet Parade Lucky Dip Club

Here’s a quick peek!

July Lucky Dip Club

The menu for the box is always attached to a vintage playing card. I got this cute Siamese cat as well as a purr-fect postcard.

Badge Lucky Dip Club

The reason for the pet name request was this – a personalised wooden badge. This ‘Hooray for Murphy’ balloon is super cute. I’m planning on attaching it to a framed picture of Murpho, I think that’ll look really good.

kitty cat socks July Lucky Dip Club

Baking kitty-cat pop socks. Look at that cheeky face!

Card July Lucky Dip Club

Pun-derful greeting card. I think that this will be a really nice card to give to a friend who needs cheering up. And who likes bunnies of course.

Gift tags July Lucky Dip Club

I love these little pastel cat gift tags.

Necklace July Lucky Dip Club

I’ve always wanted a basket of kittens. But it’d turn into a hamper of cats so I guess it’s a little impractical. Instead, I’ll make do with this pair on a necklace. Look at the one with the black nose! Cutie!

DIY Kit July Lucky Dip Club

The DIY kit this month was a budgie bunting kit. The kit included 6 budgies and three bows to cut out, string, mini pegs and even glue dots – everything you need except the scissors!

Lucky Dip Club

I decided to add two of them to my heart map and turn them into love birds. I think they look really adorable. I’m naming them Mia and Ernie after the love birds we used to have when I was a baby.

Subscriptions cost £15 a month and I personally feel like this is worth it for the joy the packages bring. I really look forward to opening this every month. The boxes tend to sell out on the first day, so if you’re reading this on the 1st, and fancy trying out a box for yourself, head over to the website now! The theme for August is ‘Ice Cream Parlour’. Yum! Can’t wait!

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