#BEDM | Recent Beauty Buys

Recent Beauty BuysI’ve been trying to avoid spending on beauty products this month but I did want to try the Bourjois Instant Dry Drops and the Revlon Brow Fantasy, and as it is currently 3 for 2 in Boots and Superdrug, it would have been rude to leave the adorable L’Oreal Colour Riche Top Coat behind.

Bourjois Instant Dry

I used to love my OPI Rapid Dry Drops but I’ve been looking for a more affordable alternative. So finally Bourjois have stepped up to the plate and launched their Instant Dry drops. This 9ml bottle costs ยฃ5.99 and has a little dropper in the lid for easy application. I used it today and yes, it does work. One drop spread out quickly over the nail and my first nail was dry by the time I finished the last one so pretty quick. The only downside was that this is quite thin and oily and didn’t soak into the skin like the OPI equivalent does, but I washed my hand with cold water and that sorted that. I can see myself using this a lot, particularly at night when I’m painting my nails right before bed.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Top Coat Peach Splash

This L’Oreal Colour Riche Top Coat Confettis in ‘Splash Peach’ (should it be ‘Peach Splash?) is just too cute! This was ยฃ4.99 so the free item in the 3 for 2 offer. It has pastel yellow and orange matte glitters suspensed in a clear base. I’m not too sure what colour to wear it with though – any suggestions?

Revlon Brow Fantasy

Lastly, the Revlon Brow Fantasy in ‘Dark Brown’ which is ยฃ6.99. This is a 2-step eyebrow routine with a pencil on one end and a coloured gel and spoolie on the other. I’m not a huge fan of the pencil, it’s quite hard so you have to warm it on your hand to get it going but it is quite a good colour match for me. I don’t really have thin brows so I don’t have to do much filling in but it’s handy to have just in case I get over-enthusiastic with the old tweezers. I really wanted this for the gel which I really like. I’ve wanted the Benefit Gimme Brow but I can’t really justify the spend so this seemed like a good alternative. The thin wand makes it easy to apply and it doesn’t feel too crispy once it’s dried. Here’s a picture of me wearing this:Revlon Brow Fantasy

Overall I’m very happy with my purchases. I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else for the rest of the month. I’m seriously tempted by all the neon nail polishes that are being released now, but I don’t need them so the best thing to do is to just avoid going into the shops at all costs. I want to have a post-festival splurge if my bank balance will allow it so I’m saving myself until the start of July.

Do let me know if you have a suggestion for what I can wear with the L’Oreal Confetti – I’m sure I’ll have a colour like it in my ridiculous expansive collection.

What have you been buying recently?

9 thoughts on “#BEDM | Recent Beauty Buys

  1. natashamcgarrell says:

    I love that Splash Peach! So pretty. You’re right though, it would sound better as Peach Splash… Oh well!

  2. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    Love your buys!! Right now I’m hunting for the perfect mascara๐Ÿ˜€

    • AlleyHope says:

      I quite like the look of the new Bourjouis ones that have some circular bristles. Although you can’t go wrong with Maybelline:)

  3. Kate Flint says:

    That Revlon Brow Fantasy looks right up my alley! And Splash Peach…ugh! Gorg:) I did a recent purchases post on my blog if you are up to reading it!

    Kate themintedbeauty.com

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