#BEDM | Walk to Work Playlist

Walk to Work

I walk to work every day. It takes 10 minutes, 15 if I’m dawdling (which I often am). It’s not a particularly interesting walk, it’s basically round the corner to the main road which links a train station to a lot of office buildings. I’m sure the grumpy commuters that have already come all the way through from Glasgow that I share my walk to work with would hate me if I tried to turn this experience into a photo essay so instead here’s what I listened to this morning to prepare me for the day ahead.

Blink 182: Shut Up

Perfect Monday morning sweariness.

Bouncing Souls: The Gold Song

A bit more positive.

The Cramps: Haulass Hyena

Getting the party going now.

The Descendents: Everything Sux
Urgh it is Monday after all.

Told you it’s a short walk to work. What do you listen to to prepare you for the day ahead?


One thought on “#BEDM | Walk to Work Playlist”

  1. I walk to work too, it’s 20 minutes each way and I love the fresh air and exercise that I get every day. I might think about doing a walk to work playlist after reading this. I can never decide what to listen to!

    Chloe x

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