Sunday Catch Up #13

You may have noticed that I’ve embarked on the Blog Every Day in May challenge where I am following the prompts but I still wanted to post a few of my regular posts in between. It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a catch up post so here’s what has been going on…

Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh Hard Rock Starter Hard Rock Main Hard Rock DessertOn Wednesday I went along to try out the new menu at Hard Rock Cafe on George St. As you can imagine, this was pretty epic! We got to try the new artichoke and spinach dip, beef, chicken and veggie Nachopalooza and the Jumbo Combo. I really enjoyed the dip (much more than I thought I would) the southwest chicken nachos and the chicken tenders. Oh and the bruschetta. Yeah, so everything. The starter portions are huge. You could share one between two and not need a main, otherwise go one between three or four!

Mains were hickory smoked  ribs and bbq pulled beef brisket. The meat was so tender and the sauces just delicious. We also got to try some of the their burgers – the one I tried was their Fiesta Burger which was served on a brioche bun with fresh guacamole – a winner in my eyes.

I have a super sweet tooth so of course I was excited about dessert. We tried the Hot Fudge Brownie and the Oreo cheesecake. My word, that cheesecake was outrageous! So good. I hadn’t been to Hard Rock for a good couple of years and this has reignited the love for it. Will definitely be back for cocktails and cheesecake very soon.

New ‘Do! New hair

Not the best photo, but I got my haircut finally! Shorter and blonder for summer. It was cut, bleached, toned with two shades and cut again but three hours later it was worth it. I got this done at Myles Hairdressing and I would definitely recommend this salon to anyone looking for an affordable but quality hairdressers on the west side of town. My hair was done by Joanne and even though it was a very busy Saturday she took her time to get it how to what I was after, even when I was being a bit vague.

Doune Castle Doune CastleOn Sunday we went for a drive and ended up at Doune Castle. I’m going to do a full post on this trip on Thursday for the BEDM Local History post so check back then if you’re interested in Castles. You should be, this one is pretty famous…

“One day, lad, all this will be yours.”
“What, the curtains?”

4 thoughts on “Sunday Catch Up #13”

  1. All the food looks amazing – I’ve never been to a Hard Rock Cafe!
    I’ve been castle-ing this weekend tooπŸ™‚

  2. You’re spoiling me – two of my favorite things in one post. I love eating at Hard Rock Cafes, finally, finally eating hopefully at the one in Detroit this month. As for castles, well after a family holiday to the Doune area years and years ago, Doune castle fast became my favorite – can’t wait to hear more about your visit there.

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