#BEDM | Star Wars Day

Star Wars postersAwesome posters by Olly Moss.

Happy May the Fourth everyone. May you live long and prosper…err sorry, wrong reference there! Today’s Blog Every Day in May prompt has a distinctly sci-fi feel to it. Last year was actually the first time I watched the Star Wars films – done properly, all 6 marathoned on May 4th. I blogged about it in full here but today I wanted to share a few tips if you’re planning to do the same today.

  1. Decide the order. I fully recommend watching them 1 to 6 – starting with the 1999 film The Phantom Menace and ending with 1983’s Return of the Jedi. This way the films get gradually better. I can’t imagine anything worse than watching Jedi then having to sit through that massacre of a film that Episode 1 was so under no circumstances should you do 4,5,6,1,2,3 if you’re a Star Wars newbie. However, if you’re feeling creative some people recommend 4, 5, 1, 2, 3 (as flashbacks), 6. That’s just madness.
  2. Snacks. Oh so many snacks. This is not a day to go healthy. You’ll need Red Bull and MSGs. Trust me.
  3. Costumes are great, but 13 hours trussed up in a Stormtrooper outfit? Nah. Keep it simple and comfy in something like this from Truffle Shuffle: Ladies_Blue_Star_Wars_Cast_Scoop_Neck_Oversized_T_Shirt_from_Junk_Food_hi_res
  4. Don’t be afraid to suggest a power nap to your viewing buddies. Somewhere around the 4th film is usually when people start flagging.
  5. Bring toys! Turn up with a Millennium Falcon and act out all your favourite parts. Or just pretend to blow up Jar Jar Binks when you have to sit through his annoying whining. Star wars millenium falcon lego

And those are my top tips for watching umpteen hours of Star Wars on May the 4th. Or you could be really controversial and just line up a series of  Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix.


Cheers to however you’re spending your day!

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