Models Own HyperGel Cornflower Gleam

Models Own Hypergel Cornflower GleamWhen I first saw the new HyperGel collection from Models Own I can’t say that I was that excited about it. Made up of 10 colours and at only £5 each, objectively I can say that it is a great capsule collection, but for me, I wasn’t that taken by any of the colours. This is purely because I have so many, it’s pretty rare that I find a new colour I want. However, I had read good things about the collection so when I ordered the Speckled Eggs collection I decided to take advantage of the 6 for £20 offer and add a bottle of ‘Cornflower Gleam’ to my basket.

First of all, I really like the bottle. All nail polishes should come with a colour matched swatch on the top of the lid – makes finding a colour so much easier!

Models own Cornflower Gleam HyperGelI think you’ll agree that the shine on these is amazing! Even shinier than my beloved Barry M Gellys. Application was easy, smooth and opaque in two coats and they do have a slightly plumped look to them, like a toned down version of a real gel manicure. This lasted 2 days with no chips and only minimal tip-wear before it started to chip slightly and removed it.

I’m glad I gave the HyperGel range a go. I might not buy any more (although could probably be convinced to get the white) but I do love the colour of ‘Cornflower Gleam’. I’d highly recommend this range for anyone who’s looking for basic colours at an affordable price point but that also  deliver something great in terms of quality and finish.


3 thoughts on “Models Own HyperGel Cornflower Gleam”

  1. Love this shade, although Im sure i’ve got something exactly like it already lol. Im forever buying new nail varnish and then realising I have the same colour already. £5 is a good price for Models Own, although as a poor student i’d probably stick to Barry M as its just a bit cheaper. I do really want to try the speckled egg collection tho.
    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. The Barry M Gellys are amazing. If you’re trying to save, Loreal does a black and white confetti topcoat which gives a similar look to the speckled range when layered over pastels.

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