Sunday Catch Up #5

This week has been the laziest ever. I’ve had a week off work and I have done nothing. Nada. And it’s been bliss. I feel slightly guilty for ‘wasting’ my time off but I do feel ready to go back to work tomorrow and I have another week off next month in which I have lots of stuff planned so I don’t feel too bad.

The Railway Man poster edinburgh castleI managed to peel myself off the sofa a couple of times to make cinema trips, first to see August:Osage County, and then to see The Railway Man. August was really good, exceptional performances from all of the cast particularly Meryl Streep (obviously) and Julia Roberts. Worth seeing for the “Eat the fish, bitch!” scene alone. The Railway Man was ok but nothing spectacular.

I also went for a walk/shopping spree on Friday. Couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the castle. You can never have enough, right?

New Look and Primark HaulI went to New Look and Primark and got a couple of lightweight jumpers, t-shirts and a pair of jeans. I love the Hopeless Romantic t-shirt from New Look. I know it’s not a reference to the namesake Bouncing Souls song but I’m just gonna pretend it is. I don’t know what other people say…

I also watched the first season of American Horror Story (Murder House) and loved it. Despite the fact that all the women and one gay man inexplicably go gaga over babies I think that it was a remarkable series and better than any horror films I’ve seen recently. I can’t wait to watch Season 2. And I finally started watching Breaking Bad. I’m on episode 4, it’s a slow starter but I’ll stick with it.

Back to work tomorrow – joys! How was your week? Do you ever feel guilty over not having a ‘productive’ holiday?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Catch Up #5”

  1. I ALWAYS feel guilty! It’s awful! Why?! We work hard; we should be able to enjoy rest guiltlessly.
    I love the hopeless romantic shirt!
    Shopping always makes things better! 🙂

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