Edinburgh Winter Fashion Swap

I heart swappingOn Sunday I packed up a bag of unwanted clothes and headed along to the I Heart Swapping Edinburgh Winter Fashion Swap. The idea is simple, you take along up to ten items (clothes or accessories) and trade them in for peg, each peg being one credit that you can trade in for another’s item. The swap opens at a set time so everyone gets the same chance and the clothes are organised in size order. Any clothes that don’t get taken are donated to Shelter while 50% of ticket sales go to Alzheimer Scotland, two great causes.

Swap cocktails and cakeThe swap was hosted at 99 Hanover Street with a special cocktail menu for the occasion and tea and cakes provided by Eteaket. The sugar hit of the brownie was definitely appreciated before the main event! There were also treatments being offered by Sarah Murray Beauty and Nicci Weston Makeup.

Edinburgh Fashion SwapIt was all go when the swap started at 2pm! Luckily, all the fellow swappers were lovely and there was no catfights over the prize items. My friend picked up a pair of shoes and the girl who handed them in came over to say how pleased she was that someone would be getting use out of them.

Swap Jumper and Skirt Swap Jacket and Cardigan Owl ShirtI picked up a snuggly jumper, striped Motel skirt, a tweedy blazer (love!), patterned cardigan and an owl print shirt. I love the stud detail on the collar of this shirt.

Irregular ChoicePhoto by Louise Anne Kennedy Photography


We also found these amazing Irregular Choice shoes for my friend. They are in perfect condition and we loved that the swapper made the effort to bring the box along.

This was my first swapping event and I really enjoyed it and would definitely participate in another. Clothes, cakes, cocktails, charity, what more could you want from an event? I recommend liking their Facebook page here to stay up to date with future events.

Have you been to any swapping events? What gems did you pick up?

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2 Responses to Edinburgh Winter Fashion Swap

  1. I haven’t been and didn’t even know about this one in Edinburgh – will definitely go to the next one. Thanks for sharing :)

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