Sunday Catch Up #4

This week has been another busy week on the work front, not so much on the fun stuff front. But I am on holiday next week so hopefully I will have more fun stuff to share with you. I may end up just being pictures taken from my couch though…

Buzzfeed Soulmate Bomb Sale haulOne thing that made me smile this week was doing the very scientific “What’s the Name of your Soulmate” quiz on Buzzfeed and getting Dave. Lucky as I really don’t want to go back into the dating game.

I also ordered a Lucky Dip box in the Bomb Cosmetics sale – 24 mystery products for Ā£30. And delivery beat the Lush sale by a country mile by taking 4 days to arrive instead of 14! Will be doing a post on what I got this week if you’re interested (Wednesday or Thursday probs).

Edinburgh Swap snack Urban Decay eyelinersI got to see one of my bessie mates twice this weekend which was awesome. It was her birthday on Saturday so she came round to mine after work on Friday for a takeaway and a few voddys. Then, on Sunday we went along to the I Heart Swapping event at 99 Hanover Street. There was chat, cocktails, cake and clothes. Perfect. I’ll also be writing up a post this week so be sure to come back to find out what I got.

After the swapping, we went shopping. Specifically to Jenners as we both needed new eyeliner and you can’t beat Urban Decay. I got Perversion and the Naked 2 double ended liner with Zero and Whiskey.

Sunday then took a serious nosedive with the shocking news that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead this morning. I am reeling. I can hardly believe it. He was 46. He was an incredible actor and it feels as though his best films were ahead of him still. Such a loss.

Sorry for the downer there but I am truly saddened by this news. How was your week?


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