G Spa Gel Bath Review

G spa gel bathIt’s that time of year again where you just can’t beat a good bath. Now we all love Lush, but I have something a little different for you – the G Spa Bath Gel. As you may guess, this luxury bath soak turns an ordinary bath into a gel filled spa experience. To use, you simply run your bath (don’t add any oils or bubbles) and once full, add the blue ‘Step 1′ sachet.

IMG_6179 IMG_6185The water instantly turns a bright blue colour and the gel begins to form.

Gel spaAfter a few minutes the gel thickens. It takes around 5 minutes to completely gellify the bath. The bath itself is a really nice experience. The gel is very strongly scented with lavender, bergamot and jasmine resulting in a lovely relaxing fragrance that I really enjoyed. The thick gel feels really warm for ages, supports your body in the bath and softens your skin. The whole thing feels like a very indulgent bath treat.

G spa gel bathUnfortunately, it is slightly let down when it’s time to get out of the bath. ‘Step 2′ is salts which dissolve the gels. They do, but not completely. I waited for 5 minutes before getting out of the bath and there were still bits of gel evident. Especially on me. I had to rinse myself off with the shower to get rid of them before dressing – not so relaxing. An hour later and they were still in the tub. I rinsed them away and just have to hope that it’s not going to block up my plug hole!

Despite this, the G Spa Bath Gel was a really nice treat but a bit of a novelty. You can buy two sets on Prezzybox here for £9.99, quite a bargain. I’d split these into two gifts along with some candles to treat two lovely ladies to a home spa experience.

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