Spending Ban – An Update

Spending ban failYeah so that failed! I decided to try and do a spending ban for the month of October, see the original pledge here. There were a few things I needed, new jeans for work for example, but I wanted to try and stop myself from buying anything I didn’t need. I’ve just moved house out of my parents for the first time in three years, and it’s been difficult to get back into the habit of being aware of my spending.

This is what I bought that I really shouldn’t have:

Loreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint. I love the feeling of this. I don’t wear foundation every day so when I do, I really feel it on my skin. However, this is light and silky and I just love it.

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. I haven’t even used this yet! I was in The Body Shop buying a gift for my mum and I just couldn’t resist it.

Hydraluron Moisture Booster. Picked this up while shopping for a beauty swap in Boots. It was during a points event where if you spent Β£50 you get Β£12 worth of points so that’s how I justified it to myself. I know other people who use this say that it falls under a daily essential, but as I’ve never used it before, it is a luxury buy to me. I’m sure it will be worth it though.

Yankee Candle Christmas Eve Sampler. Yup, Christmas Eve. I plan on burning this on actual Christmas Eve so I have no idea what possessed me to buy this in October. While on a spending ban.

Primark Stripy Dress. Eh, yeah, that background is a dress. A Β£5 dress, but another unnecessary purchase all the same.

Even though this is technically a spending ban fail, I think the endeavour has been worth it. I really did make the effort to think about whether I should buy something or not and whether I could afford it which is something I will continue to do. I will also continue make and share visual wishlists as seen here because I think that it is a good tool for recording what you think you want. I you still fancy it after a few weeks then why not, but more often than not, you’ll see items drop off. I also enjoyed my ‘Shopping my Stash’ post where I tried to find an alternative for an eyeshadow that was on my list so I’ll do more of those. I think this will help me cut down as I do tend to buy a lot of the same kind of things – bronze eyeshadow and blue nail polishes especially.

Have you been doing a spending ban? How are you getting on with it?


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