Photo A Day – Week 42

Another Sunday, another FatMumSlim Photo a Day update. Here’s a wee glimpse into my week.

Day 14: Favourite space SpaceI love this corner with a picture of another favourite space – the beach.

Day 15: Secret SecretNo secrets to share I’m afraid. Instead here is a picture of a stage. Went to see Our House at Festival Theatre. Guess I’m a secret Madness fan?

Day 16: Leafy LeafyLeafy view of the castle.

Day 17: First world problem First world problemMy cat’s not cute enough to be famous 😦

Day 18: Still stillStill flame of a candle. Very relaxing.

Day 19: A good day a good dayA good (hair) day. Just back from the hairdressers, got all the straggly ends lopped off.

Day 20: Open openEyes wide open. Sneaky peek into creepy nail art up tomorrow.

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